Election Is Coming And I’m Switching Off My FB

Many parties were smiling (some even laughed) when the Selangor MB announced that if PM decides not to hold the election this month, the Selangor government will dissolve the state assembly after Chap Goh Meh. LOL! You can’t get funnier than that, don’t you think? At the moment it doesn’t make any difference when the PM decides to hold the election.

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The BN-led government has only about two months to stay in power before allowing the ‘rakyat’ to decide again! If the Selangor government wants to hold a separate election, then surely they will suffer the consequences for causing all the trouble for the people in Selangor to vote twice in the space of one month. Of course they won’t do that, or will they?

My brother texted me the other day that the election will be held in [  ]. Opps I didn’t bother to read all his text. I have not been feeling well the past few days and all the election news and ‘hu ha’  are not helping me at all. Recently, people have been making silly issues like the former Perak MB’s ridiculous claim that the Japanese paid our government billions for families of victims of the so-called 1940s “Death Railway” project. Then, there are the never-ending issues of ‘Kalimah Allah’, the RCI and even poor young William’s death has also been politicized.

I have many friends in Facebook who are also fond of politics. What irritates me the most is when some of them keep posting the political news that convey messages of hatred and the ‘batu api’ type of stories. Some don’t even bother to check the authenticity of the news.  With election just around the corner, I find these types of postings getting more and more each day. It has become so outrageously numerous that I find it difficult to check on my own family updates which is more important to me since many of them are living far away. Susah lah like this 😀

To be fair to all my friends, I decided to unfriend all of them. At least for the time being, or until Malaysia is calmer and people start to talk about other things that politics. Actually, I like to read about politics but not the dark side of it, well, not all the time. I don’t like rudeness, I don’t like people who fabricate stories and I don’t like people that promote hatred and ill feelings towards each other. Most of all, I don’t like people who like to blame others for their failure.

Ok, time to get some rest now. Manchester United is playing tonight. I hope they will win tonight. My BP is already high and my headache is not going away. A win and good performance by the Reds tonight will definitely lower down the BP, hopefully!

Election Is Coming And I’m Switching Off My FB

19 thoughts on “Election Is Coming And I’m Switching Off My FB

  1. Tahniah bro.

    Langkah yg amat baik demi menjaga kesihatan diri dan menjaga sebuah persahabatan.

    Mmg tak dinafikan, ramai juga rakan2 ambe di fb menghupdate cerita2 politik dgn kata2 sinis mengejek, menghina dan merendahkan2 sesebuah parti politik mahupun seseorang…

    Akhirnya setiap update kawan2 ambe ni, ambe tak baca dah..terus jer hide…belum sampai lagi tahap unfriend…

    p/s. MANU menang lagi…harap BP oklah…hehe

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