Jom Aktifkan MyKad SEO-CONTEST

Jom Aktifkan Mykad

Jom Aktifkan Mykad is the second SEO Contest that I’m participating in within 1 week. Perhaps, I’m running out of topic to write plus there are several draft articles that I find hard to complete as it requires me to do more research and read more books. 😀 Therefore, switching to a lighter topic is the way to go at the moment and I think I’m enjoying it, too.

However, writing an article for contest can also be tough especially if your objective is to win it. There are many excellent bloggers out there and their knowledge and skill on SEO is way above my league.

So, I won’t be thinking about winning the Jom Aktifkan MyKad SEO-CONTEST, in fact I won’t count myself as a contender.

  • Like an old malay proverb: “Untung Sabut Timbul, Untung Batu Tenggelam”.
  • I can only hope for ‘sabut’, but deep down I know that ‘batu’ is the likely outcome.

Eyes of The Tiger

Remember the film “Rocky”? Yes, the one that features Sylvester Stallone as little known boxer who shot to fame by beating the World Boxing Champion, ring a bell? Well, that’s my all time favourite movie. The best about Rocky is it really instill courage and self-believe that makes you feel that you can do it even when the odds are stacked against you.

Eyes of the tiger
I know that I could possibly write articles as good as many bloggers out there but the second part of the SEO trick, i.e off-page SEO is the one I dread the most. Yup, I’m still a novice when it comes to building links and add more ‘mojo‘ to my article that it normally drops in rank as the weeks pass by. This happened to me many times before. Will history repeat itself again this time? Time will certainly tell….

How I use my Mykad?

Ok, let’s forget about the contest for now. Let’s talk about the main course, which is the MyKad and why the organiser of this contest wants so much for us to activate the card? And what for?

If you ask me, I can only see Mykad as my personal identification card. No more, no less. I know that the sophisticated 64k bit Mykad now can perform many other functions but, so far, I’m still not tempted to try it out yet. Hence, the topic of activating the card for its 50th purpose (as stated by the organiser) does pique my interest a bit.

Old IC
So, I did some research and am now I presenting it to you as an article in my blog. Great! A new posting for my blog plus an entry for the Jom Aktifkan MyKad contest as well! I’m shooting two birds with one stone. For sure, one ‘kena‘ already once this article is posted. Right?

The Many Functions of MyKad

Apart from using it as its main purpose (identification), you can also use our national identity card for:

  • e-Cash – an “electronic wallet” system for low volume transaction
  • Digital Certificate – Commonly known as Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Online Tax submission – MyKad required for verification purpose
  • Driving Licence
  • ATM Integration – Withdraw your money, etc from ATM
  • Touch and Go – used by Malaysian toll expressway and highway operators as the sole electronic payment system (EPS)
  • Travel Document – for use in Malaysia and several neighbouring countries only.
  • and many more.

The many use of MyKad

Its 50th function expands it capabilities to a new level where you can save money by using it, plus get rewarded for continuously using it. Yes, you can now use your IC to get discounts while shopping and earn reward points which you can turn into REWARDS. I guess as the technology continuously develop, I can only see one day, we go out with only ONE card, anytime and anywhere. Wonderful, isn’t it?

The Corroboration with Affiliate Junction

The latest function of MyKad was made possible by JPN‘s collaboration with a leading affiliate marketing site, Affiliate Junction, with several other strategic partners involved such as ARFF, TEKUN, Ministry Of Higher Education, MDEC and MRCA. However, AJ’s flagship affiliate program, MyKad Smart Shopper Program, is a privately managed retail program offering rebates and rewards which is wholly owned by I Synergy Universal Sdn Bhd (ISU).

* I might got mixed-up with the above info. Please double check with AJ website. Thank you

MyKad Smart Shopper Program is the program that the organiser is trying to promote and it involves using MyKad for collecting reward points while enjoying discounts at participating outlets.

This program is available FREE to ALL Malaysians who register using their MyKad through AJ Affiliates or Authorized Agencies.

See how it works below:

Mykad Smart Shopper Program

How to Jom Aktifkan MyKad?

To enjoy the privileges at participating merchants’ outlets using your MyKad, you must not only register BUT activate your card as well. Well, I’m not really good at explaining this stuff. You can get more info on how to activate your card at blog Coretan Anuar. This guy is one of the top Affiliate Junction’s affiliate and you can find many stuff related to AJ in his blog.

Back to the Contest

As I said, this is a SEO contest; therefore the winner will be selected through your ranking in a certain keyword (Jom Aktifkan MyKad) on Google’s Search Engine. The higher your rank, the more chance you get to be a winner. My problem is there are already many participants for the contest, so it is going to be very hard to knock them off their perch.

There are cool prizes to be won. Mostly CASH prizes! So it’s like receiving BR1M if you are one of the winners. You can check the banner below. What do you think? Come on, jom aktifkan MyKad bro.

Contest Prizes

Alright, that’s all folks. I’m starting to ramble out of topic as I look for ideas on what to write next. If you like what I wrote, feel free to share, like, G+, tweet, pin etc. Even comments using the comment box below will be very much appreciated. Thank you.. By the way, I participating in Contest Review Lynk.My 2015. Do check out the post.

11 thoughts on “Jom Aktifkan MyKad SEO-CONTEST

    1. Entah lah bro, kawe lebih senang mengarang dalam BI (walaupun speaking BI pun tak ler baguih mana). Mungkin sebab perbendaharaan kata BI yang luas, maka hendak sampaikan cerita lebih mudah. Contoh mudah lah: perkataan ‘reward’ dalam karangan di atas tu, apa perkataan BM yang sesuai menggantikannya dalam kontek ayat di atas?


  1. Salam tuan,
    Artikel yang agak detail berbanding dengan entri yang saya tulis. Baru tahu pasal contest ni semalam, dan terus tulis. Rasanya, x dan nak rasa page 1 Google, tambah2 lagi ramai otai blogger yang mahir SEO.

    1. Terima kasih sebab rasa artikel saya agak detail. Menulis ini satu hobi buat saya. Oleh itu, tulis panjang2 bukan satu masaalah lagi. Cuma hendak compete dengan pakar2 SEO saya admit masih payah lagi. Terutama sekali bila saya sediri undecided apa niche yang paling sesuai utk saya.

      All the best ya.

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