Post GE13 Assessment: The Chinese Tsunami?

Something just can’t be hidden. I was in front of the TV when Datuk Sri Najib declared that BN has won the 13th General Election via a simple majority. From the tone of his voice, you can tell that the PM was unhappy. It is not that he doesn’t appreciate the win. As the honourable Prof of Law, Prof Dr Shad Saleem Faruqi rightly pointed out, a win is a win and a government with a simple majority can be formed and be an effective government.

BN win

So PM can look forward to another 5 years of leading the nation with a fresh mandate from the ‘rakyat’. However, the manner in which BN lost certain seats, especially in key battle areas such as Gelang Patah has left us with much to ponder. The loss suffered by UMNO stalwarts such as Dato’ Abdul Ghani Othman and Tan Sri Ali Rustam is hurting BN and the prospects of the nation headed into a two-race system is not appealing for many Malaysians.

While many will interpret the result as a rejection of BN by the Chinese or a Chinese Tsunami, I will see it as issues that BN need to address before the next general election. While an opposition leader questions the validity of BN win, I would like to tell him to shut up and remind him of his promise to quit politics if PR fails to unseat BN in this 2013 election. PR has failed, why hasn’t he quit? It is depressing to see many Malaysians willing to accept this serial liar to lead the country.

Granted that a majority of Chinese have shown unequivocal support to PR, notably DAP. The MCA and Gerakan were almost wiped out and have no answer to DAP’s tactic. I estimate about 90% of Chinese votes went to DAP and PR, resulting in huge loses to BN in areas with Chinese majority.  But then again, we should give credit to DAP for their successful brainwash of the Chinese community. What’s new after all? They have been wooing the Chinese voters since their formation. The welfare and protection of the Chinese has always been their main priority. Ruling the nation is a dream that they will continue to pursue. I think they can realise their dream one day, if BN, and the Malays, in particular, are not careful enough.

For many years, DAP found that breaking BN’s dominance is quite an impossible task. It is not just because BN has been doing a good job in developing the country and keeping it in peace and harmony but also because DAP found it hard to reach the bumis who hold the majority of votes. But in this age of digital world and internet, they have found one desperate Malay with high ambition to be the PM at all cost and they rode their way into the bumi’s hearts with this man as the bridge. But this man is not the key! He merely led DAP to the door. They key for DAP is the internet. A platform for them to develop a ‘psy war’ that eventually brainwashed both the bumis and Chinese into supporting them.  This election has exposed the weakness of BN. One of it is BN’s failure to win the cyber war which proved to be crucial in handing DAP their best performance ever.

For me the cyber or internet war is imperative. Every day people use the internet, read the latest news, etc, and are easily influenced by what they read, especially the posts in the social media shared from whatever dubious sources. Since it is quite difficult to ascertain the truth or people being too lazy to ascertain the truth, many just picked up any information that are popular and passed it on. DAP must have learnt from many reality TV shows and understand that popularity contest is the key to success today. So they formed the Red Beans army which is responsible for spreading lies in the guise of credible info – remember the purported speech of the Regent of Perak, Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, shared on FB a few months back?

It was incredibly, totally and clearly false yet even law graduates with years of working experience were fooled into spreading the lies.  The Red Beans are really a force to be reckoned with and their dominance in the cyber world should not remain unchallenged.  But do not play by their dirty rules.  Force them to be truthful and make them play an honest game. Teach them to be fair. Or if I may borrow Jebat’s words: “Astound us with your intelligence!”

I don’t know about others but I am totally impressed with DAP’s machinery and how they handled their voters. I was early to the polling station yesterday only to find there were already about 100 people queuing in line. 75% of them were Chinese. Looking at the election results, I can safely assume that these people support PR/DAP. They were pumped up and ready to vote. They not only brought along their IC, they were also equipped with other info such as ‘Nombor Saluran’ and ‘Nombor Daftar’ to ensure a smooth and quick voting process. Obviously they were well informed and eager to vote.

Now compare them to the bumis who mostly support BN. They were not only late; some even went to the wrong polling station. At 12 pm, blogger Syed Akbar Ali posted an entry at his blog pleading to the malays/bumis to go vote. He even listed many excuses given by the malays for not going to the polling station. You can read it HERE.

After casting my vote I went to the shopping malls to monitor the situation there. Unlike in the previous election, we can now identify who voted and who did not. Amazingly I found quite a big number of bumis who are qualified to vote but without the ink on their left index finger. ‘Kantoi’. Many didn’t go to vote! However, some may have valid reasons like those who were working at the shopping mall from 9 am to 8 pm. I doubt their bosses (mostly Chinese) allowed, let alone encouraged, them to go to the polling station even for an hour. It is something that BN people must also consider and think on how to get these people to vote. In certain areas where there is a tight contest, their attendance can be the determining factor for winners and losers.

DAP meanwhile, not only managed to convince a majority of the Chinese to vote for them, they also managed to get them to come in numbers, ready to vote!

One thing that really worries me is that DAP and PKR has really managed to make the general election as a popularity contest. PM and other BN candidates have worked very hard and performed for ‘rakyat’ and yet it is YBs from DAP and PKR that got the big votes. I heard Raja Nong Chik worked very hard at Lembah Pantai for years but he is still not the most popular there. So, he did not make it to the Dewan Rakyat.

The winnable candidate nowadays seems to be the one who can make the most headlines, doesn’t matter for the right or wrong reason. That’s why people like Tian Chua, Rafizi Ramli, Mahfuz Omar, Hannah Yeoh and Lim Kit Siang win. Again, it is something that BN must look into and study as a preparation for the next election. BN candidates don’t have to look for cheap publicity like these clowns but they must be able to get involved and show the courage to defend BN from any allegations made by these people.

Maybe BN need more people like P. Kalamanthan, Abdul Rahman Dahlan and Khairy Jamaluddin for that matter. In the rural areas, BN can maintain their method since it is workable. But look for humble and approachable people lah. Those with high education but not able to mingle with the kampung folks is a NO-NO in the rural area.

I hope BN will work harder to rectify their weakness and by the next election they will be ready to face Pakatan once again. Still, I would like to commend Datuk Sri Najib for doing a good job as our PM and congratulate him for leading BN to yet another victory.

Post GE13 Assessment: The Chinese Tsunami?

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  1. A Malay who ewnt to a Sekolah Umum and later getting education in the english medium I was taught by my parents, teachers, peers and neighbours to be moderate and accept the differences between races that abound. I grew up and worked my way up in the workplace to be at the top wihout once discriminating against anybody, good or bad, yellow, brown or black. Everyone was treated the same and peomotion recommendations based on merit. I was very proud not being a chauvinist.
    Today, I am not that same man anymore, although I have many friends of many different shades. I just cannot bear to look at a certain race collectively as unworthy of my friendship. Collectively they have displayed their true colour. Smiling and supposedly warm in friendship, but acts as hypocrite. Maybe time time will heal the rift but a bad experience will be remembered forever. Talking about letting free of a stricken dog!

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