Send Lim Guan Eng and Tian Chua To Lahad Datu To Protect Us Sabahans

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They make comment like “why kick out one unarmed Aussie lawmaker and not take immediate action to shoot and kill 100 Filipinos armed intruders.” extemporaneously, without bothering to find out the crux of the matter.  They all know the weaselling and lying Aussie came here to help his buddy Anwar Ibrahim to give this country a bad name and can do more harm than the 100 armed men which incident should be handled with great care.


These **holes think they are being clever. They think the security force should just shoot and kill the armed intruders without first giving them a chance to withdraw peacefully and to return to their homeland. These **holes from the oppositions do not care about the safety of us Sabahans, all they care is politics and how to grab political power, whatever the means.

They do not care that there are 500,000 or, maybe more, of these people already in the state that can undermine the security of the state and endanger the lives of Sabahans. They simply shoot their mouths from the comfort of their West Malaysian caves to gain political mileage without caring for the inimical danger Sabahans would be subjected to if the standoff was badly handled.

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Send Lim Guan Eng and Tian Chua To Lahad Datu To Protect Us 

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