Who Is Papa Gomo?

If you are a political follower, then the name ‘Papa Gomo‘ would not be alien to you. The anonymous blogger has become the ‘pain in the a**‘ for a leader of an opposition party for his postings in his blog which implicated the leader with several wrongdoings and immoral activities. Those postings have really made huge impact with many of the leader’s friends and followers abandoning him at a much accelerated speed.

It makes Papa Gomo a very famous blogger and the No. 1 target of the opposition cyber troopers.

On top of that he was sued for RM100 million and his real identity is now under threat as the opposition pact, especially the PKR, is digging hard to find out who Papa Gomo is.

Who Is Papa Gomo

According to PKR’s strategy director, Papa Gomo is Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris, formerly a policeman convicted of corruption and even a “phantom voter” with dual registration in the electoral roll. The accusation has since been denied by someone claiming to be Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris who told Malay daily Sinar Harian on SMS that he was not Papa Gomo as claimed, but a chief executive of a media firm. Unless Wan Muhammad Azri admits that he is Papa Gomo or the real Papa Gomo comes out, then at the moment we can only assume that the PKR guy is just fishing for an answer.

For someone who is being sued for RM100 million and opposition enemy No. 1, Papa Gomo is definitely not going to reveal himself. With such powerful information in his hand, he is probably protected by certain people or certain group of people.

In fact Papa Gomo could be a group of people like Datuk T or a secret organisation that channel their energy to end a certain politician’s career.

Hence, it would be difficult for the opposition pact to identify Papa Gomo’s identity. Well, that’s just a theory or thinking aloud some will say but you can bet that someone is losing his sleep over Papa Gomo, especially while waiting for the final part of the latest video under Papa Gomo’s production. 😀

Wan Muhammad Azri

As for Wan Azri, he doesn’t need to do anything to prove that he’s not Papa Gomo. Since he has denied he is Papa Gomo, then the onus is on the PKR guy to prove otherwise. Mere coincidences not substantiated by hard evidences will only leave the PKR guy red faced in the court of law. Maybe Wan Azri should make a counter claim and ask for RM100 million from the PKR guy. Give them a taste of their own medicine. 😉

Then again, legal proceeding is such a luxury thingy. Not many can afford it nor enjoy the hassle of what could be a long and tiring fight in court. Even the guy who can hire 12 lawyers to defend him also had to postpone his case many times. You can imagine how much more money you have to burn first before you even smell that RM100 million. Itu pun if the judge bagi RM100 million. If the judge award RM10,000 jer macam mana?

Who Is Papa Gomo?

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