Why The Quality Is Down Though The Results Are Up?

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It’s great that the government has initiated the New Education Plan. It is also heartwarming to hear that the Deputy Prime Minister has acknowledged the decline in the quality of students today and pledged to rectify the situation. There will be a forum to discuss the New Education Plan blueprint. I hope someone will raise the issue below. I believe it relevant when discussing the quality/standard of students today:


KUALA LUMPUR: A Facebook page has become the toast of students sitting for the SPM trial exams it has “Tips/Notes/Forecast” which have been found to be identical, or almost identical, to the actual exam questions. Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng said the ongoing SPM trial exams had been devalued as students had been converging on the page for tips. He said that since the first day of the exams on Aug 29, students found the tips for the Bahasa Melayu papers for Selangor schools to be accurate.

Read more: The Star Online.

Why The Quality Is Down Though The Results Are Up?

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