Denaihati – A Short Review


I was supposed to write this last week but I was down with a headache (migraine). I don’t think it was because of the weather here in KK and I also don’t believe it has anything to do with the fact that I’m not eating lunch this Ramadhan month.

But I have stopped taking coffee since the start of Ramadhan and I think I may have suffered from ‘Caffeine Withdrawal Symptoms‘.

Well, yesterday, I drank coffee during if’tar and had another cup for sahur this morning.

The effect was unbelievable.

The headache is completely gone and I can now concentrate with work and blogging again. Phew!

I have a lot to write last week on this topic but some of the points probably have already gone AWOL during the ‘headache period’. 😀 So, from a possibly long and boring article, it has now become a short and ‘straight to the points’ review which I hope will give a fair and correct reflection on bro Amir’s Denaihati blog.

Denaihati Blog

Most Malaysian bloggers (malay bloggers  la) must know or at least have heard of Denaihati Blog. The blog is the highest ranking Malaysian blog in Alexa Ranking and have more than 14,000 followers on Facebook.

thumbs up

It is frequently updated and filled with lots of useful information especially for aspiring bloggers.

Recently, the blog has been given a total ‘make over’ and the owner has invited bloggers to give their thought on the blog’s new look. He offered cool incentives to bloggers who writes a review on his blog but on a ‘first come first serve’ basis, if I’m not mistaken.

Therefore, thanks to the headache, I have probably missed those incentives.

Nonetheless, since I had planned to write this article last week, I shall continue to do so. 😉

Being a frequent visitor to Denaihati, I must confess that the changes are quite noticeable.

The page load is faster and that really gives a good impression to its readers. Good for SEO too! Blog Amir has really gone back to basic and get rid of all those unnecessary widgets and ads that slowed down his blog.

That fact alone has given this ‘make over’ plenty of points.

So, credit to Denaihati and  who  ever person that handled the design job.

I like the header a lot. It’s simple but very attractive although I have to say that mine is better. 😀 I wish I can create a unique and nice logo like Denaihati but currently I’m running short of idea on how to do it. So, at the moment, ‘nasi lemak’ will do for me.

But for a longer term, bloggers should emulate Denaihati and create their own logo and promote their own brand.

That’s the way forward to those who wish to be an accomplished and professional blogger.


Another super thing about Denaihati is this blog is easy to navigate. This has been the hallmark of this blog since its inception. It’s quite easy to find the topic that you want to read or to check for older posts. Just check out the blog to see what I’m talking about.

The new theme also uses a wider area for blog post which is good since I need not scroll down every 4 or 5 words.

I don’t like the green hyperlink since I don’t think it has a good contrast with the white background.

Then again, it does look ok on Denaihati which uses green as its main colour.

Overall, I think it is a great ‘make over’.

I certainly like it better than the previous design. So, congratulations to bro Amir and Ezil Network for the excellent job.

Ok, anybody wishes to review my blog?

Not incentive given but I will post your review on my Facebook page which has about 4k followers.

Ok ka?

Denaihati – A Short Review

13 thoughts on “Denaihati – A Short Review

  1. i also have made some changes on my blog. it works responsively on small browsers like ipad, iphone etc. have a look! 🙂

  2. I respect you because although you know they already announce winners, you still write the review. Too bad you had migraine last week as your review is very good compare to some.

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