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FoxSports ft Ismail N

For a blogger, there is no bigger reward or satisfaction that can be achieved other than being recognised for his/her writing. While writing itself is a passion, getting recognised is an achievement that will help to gauge how much a blogger has evolved in a certain period of time.

Therefore, I’m very thankful to FoxSports.my for recognising my work in this blog and given me a chance to feature in their website.

Those who haven’t read my interview with FoxSports.my can check it out HERE.

Do read the interview and feel free to leave comments and suggestions.

Sport Writer

Honestly, I had never considered myself a sports writer but I must say that I’m giving a serious thought about it. I might open another blog and just blog about sport there. Could be an interesting project to work on for next year, don’t you think?

For the record, it is not just FoxSports who has given me some space yesterday.  I was also featured in ‘The Mole’.

The online news portal has picked up my previous posting and decided to share it with their readers. Here’s the LINK if you wish to check it out.

Thank you for reading my blog. I would be grateful if you would support my blog by following my blog on Facebook and Google Plus.

Thank very much and have a wonderful day.

I’m On FoxSports

13 thoughts on “I’m On FoxSports

  1. Congratulations bro. As a Malaysia blogger and as Manchester United die hard fan, I am proud of you. I blogged about Manchester United too but of course not as good as your writings. Maybe you could consider both of us running the blog about sport/football/mancheser united.

    1. Great idea. there are many united fans out there that can blog. Maybe we can invite them as well. the more the merrier, don’t u think? plz keep in touch.

      1. Bro. If you remember Tengkorak Emas. I wonder where he is now? He always wrote good entries about Manchester United. I will keep in touch brother. Aready add your blog in my blogroll page..

        Have a nice weekend. Next week United against Chelsea. Hopefully Moyes has a good plan & strategy for that crucial match.

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