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Malaysia Best Blog 2015

by Ismail N   ·  7 years ago   ·  

Malaysia Best Blog 2015

Selecting Malaysia Best Blog 2015 is one of the first tasks that I must do this year. Out of millions of blogs in this country, there should be one that stands out from the rest. One that deserves the title “The Best In Malaysia” and written by a ‘genius‘ or an outstanding blogger.

I was thinking of myself. 😀

Hmm.. that definitely can be categorised as “syok sendiri“….

SEO Contest

First of all, let me be frank. This article is written solely for contest purposes.

Oh yes, that’s Malaysia Best Blog 2015, SEO Contest organised by Khirol Hazwan from OhDuit.Com.

Nonetheless, all the blogs that I’m about to list out below are certainly worth to be crowned as The Best Blog in Malaysia because:

  • I love them all.
  • I read them regularly.
  • I’m inspired to write as good as them.

Plus, it is what blogging is all about – to share, to connect, to create and above all, to inspire.

So what makes a good blog?

Is it because of its design, popularity, contents or perhaps SEO?

I think we can argue all day about this but in the end, you’ll decide yourself the criteria for a good blog.

As for me, I tend to agree with the author of SEOBook.Com, Allan Wall when he said:

Doing well with blogging is not about writing one key post, it is about performing day after day and helping a few people at time.

Yup! I like the sound of that.

For me, a good blog is the one where its blogger can continuously write amazing content day after day and make its readers come back for more and more.

In other words, content is the KING! But, do keep your blog’s design in proper order and not make it too difficult for your visitors to read.

The contenders

Listing Out The Contenders

Keeping the above in mind, I started listing out several blogs for consideration for the title “The Best Blog in Malaysia“.

But wait a minute, under the contest rules, I’m supposed to list out ten (10) blogs.

Ok, that’s a welcome rule!

It is so difficult to name the Numero Uno.

There are so many good blogs out there and many of them are written by Malaysians. So, to pick the best among the best, I will need to do some meditation at the highest level, I think. 😀

But picking 10 of my favourites should be easy peasy.

Or so, I thought. He he..

10 Best Blogs In Malaysia

After careful thought, here are 10 Malaysian blogs that I think you all should read in 2015. They are amazing, every one of them.

Please note that I made this list in no particular order:

  • The Scribe A Kadir Jasin
  • Emilatopia
  • Paul Tan
  • HasrulHassan
  • CheDet
  • BeautifulNara
  • Jugjet’s World Of Field Hockey
  • Travelog
  • Places And Food
  • Oh Duit

The Scribe

I first stumbled upon Datuk A Kadir Jasin’s writing several years ago when I read his column ‘Other Thots‘ in Malaysian Business. His writing was as impressive then as it still is now.

A kadir jasin

I like the way he presents his ideas, thoughts or criticisms.

It is very clear and precise and yet thought provoking.

He may be a vocal critic of our current PM but he does it with good intention and always asking the right questions.

You don’t see him or his blog commentators using abusive and vulgar language nor does he accuse anyone without any corroboration. It’s all done very politely and in a very civilised manner yet so very interesting.

If you are into politics and stuff like that, do bookmark The Scribe and visit it frequently.


My wife and I are fans of Emilatopia, a blog run by Emila Yusof, a Freelance Illustrator and Children’s Book Author. My wife even took part in several contests organized by Kak Emilia in her blog and I think she has won once.

Am I right, dear?

Blog Emilatopia has been around for quite some time now, almost 10 years, if I’m not mistaken! Since its inception, Kak Emila Yusof has been sharing some of her wonderful works online with us.

Emila Yusof

In fact, I believe she was one of the earliest Malaysian who makes full use of the internet to advertise her services online.

It’s such a brilliant idea and works so well for gifted artists like her.

Do check out her blog to see artworks and other cool stuff that she posted.

What she does in her blog is not without any recognition. There are many others like me who admire her works very much. In 2011, Tripbase.Com awarded her with Best Malaysia Blog 2011 award.

A year later, she received “Malaysia International Tourism Lifestyle Blog” in the Malaysia International Tourism Bloggers Conference & Awards 2012.She successfully retains the award in 2013.

Such an excellent achievement for an outstanding blogger.


When it comes to blogging on automotive industry in Malaysia, Paul Tan really has no peer. A motoring journalist by profession, Paul Tan is best known for his website,


He started his blog on 2004 and today Paultan.Org is one of the top authorities when it comes to car or motor reviews.

If you plan to buy a new car for yourself or love one, do drop by Paul’s blog and read his thoughts first.

You will find many useful information and things to consider before signing your cheque book for your car deposit.

Paultan.Org is a blog that is carefully written, easy to understand and contains plenty of photos for you to imagine your dream car. One of the top 100 websites in Malaysia, it is no doubt the best automotive blog in Malaysia.


I met Hasrul during Sepetang Bersama Blogger event last year. I must say that he seems to be a nice chap and down-to earth guy. To be honest however, the stuff he writes on his blog is not my cup of tea.

But blogger to blogger, I must respect the guy for his SEO expertise.

Labelled by Denaihati as ‘Pakar SEO Malaysia‘, Hasrul is a regular winner in many SEO contests in this country, so I expect him to bag this one as well. 😀

Hasrul Hassan

Do visit his blog and see how he pays much attention on SEO details such as keyword selection, on-page and off-page SEO, etc.

For the record, HasrulHassan blog received 2.5 million page views last year, which is about 1.5 million more than mine. 😀


CheDet is a blog written by our beloved former Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. 12 years after his retirement, Tun is still adored by many Malaysians. Amazingly at 89, his mind is still very sharp and articulate as evidenced in his blog writings.

Dear Tun must be blessed with the best brain in the country.

I always pray for his health and longevity.

There is no one like Tun.


As for his blog CheDet, what more can I say? I will be running out of superlative if I try to describe his blog. Written by a genius mind using only simple English for everyone to understand his point of view, Tun invites us to think and become a more concerned citizen.

A must read for all Malaysians, even if you may not agree with him.


Like HasrullHassan.Com, Abang Nara’s blog is not really my field of interest. Still, it doesn’t mean that it is not good.

Otherwise, how come this blog is so popular and have so many followers?

It’s just that I’m really not into this gossip thingy. Still, you need to give credit when it’s due.


Abang Nara or his real name Ahmad Nazuwan has done great job in keeping his readers happy (mostly) and continuously come up with many exclusive and breaking news on Malaysia entertainment industry.

Makes me wonder who provides him the scoops?

BeautifulNara is a blog that is highly associated with Nuffnang and was awarded with “Best Entertainment Blog” in Nuffnang Blog Awards 2011.

The blogger, Ahmad Nazuwan is currently one of the famous Nuffnang’s ambassadors.

Jugjet’s World Of Field Hockey

I love hockey. I played hockey during my school days and while I was still studying in UM. I still follow the sport very much though I’m not actively playing hockey anymore.

There are not many blogs that focuses on hockey in Malaysia.

Well, it doesn’t matter really because the one that does are covering everything you need to know about Malaysia’s hockey.

malaysia hockey

Jugjet’s World Of Field Hockey is filled with  news, pictures, opinions, scores, etc. Plus, it is regularly updated, too.So, bookmark this blog if you are into hockey like me.

This blog is written by Mr Jugjet Singh who happens to be a Sports Journalist with the New Straits Times since 1994. He is also the Secretary General of the National Press Club, Malaysia for three terms (six years).

Mr Jugjet really loves hockey very much and has excellent knowledge about the sport too.

Well done sir. I really enjoy reading your blog.


There are many fun travel blogs written by Malaysians, and among the many gems, I find that I enjoy reading Travelog the most.

It’s author is Siti, who describes herself as ‘A self-employed Kelantanese. Coffee and budu lover.’


Written in Bahasa Melayu, her posts are filled with wonderful photos and detailed descriptions of her travel activities. She also posts about current issues relating to travel, such as the new cost of Malaysian passport.

Travelog may not be the highest ranking Malaysian travel blog around, but she writes earnestly and honestly for the benefit of her readers.

She also assists her readers with their enquiries.

Interestingly, she has never been to Sabah, and I have never been to Kelantan… Perhaps once day, our paths will cross. 😀

Places And Food

Places And Food is a travel and food blog written in English by Malaysian travel experts, Wilson Ng & Rachel Ting.

Places And Food

Their travel-related resume is quite impressive and this blog really means business!  The blog has been around since May 2007, and has acquired a huge following.

Although not as informative as most other travel blogs, it’s offers beautiful pictures and long list of places worth visiting.

Oh Duit

As the name suggests, Oh Duit (Oh Money)  is all about making money online. There are plenty of tips and tricks on how to generate income with simple clicks from your mouse.

The articles were written using simple words, therefore newbies too can benefit from reading this blog.

Oh Duit also have quite a number of followers and is still growing.

oh duit

A blog with good potential and one to watch for in the future.

Special Mention

Well, I didn’t realize that I actually listed 11 blogs in this Malaysia Best Blog 2015 article.

One more than is required.

So I put a special mention for this blog as I don’t think it is fair to delete it once published.

My bad!


A pretty face with intelligent brain. A combination that can only mean one thing – SUCCESS!

Dr. Fatin Liyana is a good idol for young aspiring bloggers and she shows that you should not rely on physical appearance only to make a living in this world.

Fatin Liyana

Plus, you should not give up on your study even when you are already famous or almost famous.

With 56,968 followers on Google, blog Honeykoyuki.Blogspot.Com has one of the highest followers for a personal blog in Malaysia. Not highly ranked in term of traffic but maintain many loyal followers.

  • The stuff written here are mostly for her fans and friends.
  • So, nothing serious or heavy.
  • It was written while she was still studying until she has become a medical doctor.

You got to admire how she managed her time between studying and blogging. Well done, girl.

Buy the way, congratulations on your engagement Doc. Do invite us to your big day. 😀

So, What do you think?

Well, what do you think of my choices?

I know there are plenty more blog out there that deserve to be in the top 10, but then again I either haven’t discovered them yet or really don’t have much time to fully explore their blogs to give my full assessment.

Rest assured I will try to find them and the list will be different next year. I’m pretty sure of that.

Those who have blogs and are yet to be recognised for your effort, please don’t be disheartened and keep on writing. Know your readers and write only what they expect from you and not “caca merba” like me.. Ha ha..

Great blogging is about creating an emotional connection with your readersCatherine Hughes

Once you find that connection, who knows what you may achieve in the future?

Last but not least, a message from the organizer:

Mari menyertai contest SEO Malaysia Best Blog 2015 dan anda berpeluang memenangi hadiah utama, wang tunai bernilai ribuan ringgit!! Contest SEO ini dianjurkan oleh”.

Join the contest now and decide yourself which blog should be crowned as Malaysia Best Blog 2015. All the best and happy blogging



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