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I just did a keyword research for ‘Malaysia First‘ on Jaaxy. Malaysia First generates an average of 36 number of searches monthly, which is quite low for me to use at the moment.

Nonetheless, it does not stop me from checking on the availability of the domain name MalaysiaFirst.Com on Cynet.

Malaysia First domain name

Ahh.. it is unavailable.

Someone has purchased this domain name. Who could it be?


At first I thought that this domain name must be purchased by an individual or NGO but I was wrong. Totally wrong! This domain name must have huge potential that it is now currently owned by HugeDomains.Com.

You can buy it from them for just 2,xxx.xx!

What? Say it again?

Hmm.. just look at the screenshot below:

Buy Malaysia First

$2,395.00 for MalaysiaFirst.Com! Any taker?

8 thoughts on “Malaysia First

    1. Tapi kalau kita buat ‘keyword research‘ carian untuk kata kunci ini tidaklah semantap mana.
      Then again, kalau digunakan sebaiknya ia mungkin akan berubah di masa hadapan. Potensi tetap ada. Mcm anda katakan, ia agak unik.

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