Friday,27 May,2016

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XML Vulnerability: Update Your WordPress Now!

This is a message brought by Appticles.Com, a mobile content delivery and monetization platform for small and medium publishers, which service I use from time to time. The message is loud and clear: "If you [...]

Is Nuffnang Good e-Nuff ? Or Does AdSense Makes More Sense?

As discussed in my previous post:  A Simple Case Study of Ad Networks : Nuffnang vs Adsense, getting a satisfactory compensation from Nuffnang seems an impossible feat.  It is so much easier to open an [...]

A Simple Case Study of Ad Networks : Nuffnang vs Adsense

Is Nuffnang Good e-Nuff ?  Or Does Adsense Makes More Cents?  I previously put up Nuffnang ads on my blogs for 3 years and after seeing the dismal amount coming in, I then decided to [...]

Mengapa Guna Thesis?

Pembaca setia blog ini pastinya sedar yang tema (Theme) blog ini telah diubah baru-baru ini. Tiada lagi tema 'Twenty Fourteen' yang merupakan default theme bagi WordPress bagi tahun 2014. Blog 'Dulu Lain Sekarang Lain' kini [...]

Video Bina Laman Web WordPress Dengan Mudah

Sebelum kita pelajari dan lihat video bina laman web WordPress dengan mudah, apakata kita lihat latarbelakang WordPress terlebih dahulu.. WordPress Salah satu platform bagi blog dan laman web terkemuka, WordPress telah di asaskan oleh Matt [...]

Sepetang Bersama Blogger 2014 And MSMW

If you are a blogger, then you are probably aware that there are big events coming up in the next few weeks. First up is the annual Malaysia Social Media Week (MSMW), which will be [...]

Malaysia Web Hosting Companies For Those Who Are About To Blog

To be honest, you don’t need to invest a single cent to start a blog. There are many free blogging platforms for you to choose from and they aren’t bad either. The preferred platforms for [...]

What’s So Freaking Great About Contest SEO Eridy?

It is a common perception for ordinary blogger like me that when it comes to SEO, Google has really screwed us all. You can spend many hours improving your SEO skills or invest your money [...]

Comment Contest No.1 Of 2013

Ok, I will run a series of comment contest from now until end of the year on this blog. I hope to get support from all of you and to those who participate, I would [...]