Wednesday,25 May,2016

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Money Matters: What Is Google AdSense?

What Is Google AdSense? I first knew about Google AdSense about 6 years ago when I decided to look for part time income to supplement my full time job salary as an executive in a [...]

Countdown to 2013 : No 1 In Google

I made a posting of this video in this blog several months ago. Here’s the LINK. I have a huge respect for Matt for his knowledge in SEO and IT. However, that didn’t stop me [...]

WordPress 3.5 Is Elvin

It is 12-12-12 today and what do you know, WordPress has a surprise in store for us. I was helping out my wife this morning with her blog posting when I realised that there is [...]

To Those Who Are About To Blog – We Salute You!

“So, how many websites are there on the internet?” asked my wife. A few minutes ago, she was impressed to learn about my blog Alexa Ranking which is at 166,000 yesterday (7.12.2012) compared to her [...]

Let’s Talk Blogging – What Is Your Blog’s X-Factor?

I am enjoying blogging so much that sometimes I wonder if I should do it full time.  Many people do that right? Some even garnered income that is just as big as the income of [...]

Top Malaysian Political Blogs

I really had fun creating the Top 10 Malaysian websites list. Now, let’s extend it a bit further. Come on lah. You have all visited my website on your free time right? Let’s dig more [...]

Year End SALE! Get .MY Domain From RM8 Only!

I received a newsletter from Exabytes this morning. The web hosting company is holding a year end sale staring from 1st December to 28th December 2012 by giving away domain names at the cheapest price [...]

Top 10 Malaysian Websites

There is no perfect guideline in determining which is the best or most popular website. However there are a few tools on the internet that are commonly used as a yardstick to gauge which website [...]

Favourite Comment

Brian Gardner, one of my favourite bloggers wrote about why we should be engaged more few weeks ago. Well, you can read his piece HERE. There are many good advice given by the great man [...]