Top 8 Tips For Building A Great Website!

Building a website

There is no magical formula in building a quality and successful website. While many attempts have been made to find the perfect solution to the problem, rest assure that no one can actually say that he/her system is the best. However, there are many tried and workable ways that a site owner can implement to improve his/her website credential and gain popularity in the World Wide Web. You can see some of them from the screenshot above.

Well, there are lots more tips that you can find on the net, but concentrating on implementing these basic tips might allow you to find the right path to build a great website.  

 Building A Great Website

One thing that I learned and been told many times is that you should never ever sacrifice quality. Yet, many people (myself included) keep ignoring this fundamental yet very important rule of making a website. Some are trapped in SEO Rat Race and forgot how branding and professionalism are very important, if not the most important of all.

That’s why after many years, we still hear people saying ‘Content Is King’ and you won’t get anywhere near the top guys if you keep producing ‘schoolboys’ type of essay. Do your research, write in your own words and never be afraid to express your thoughts.

Penguins And Panda

With Google introducing Penguins and Panda in their search for the perfect algorithm for their search engine, the quality requirement is becoming more and more important every day. Take time to check your spelling, grammar and do some maintenance works like getting rid of those freaking broken links and speed up your website.

Plus, design your website properly – make it simple but nice. Get expert help if necessary.

Last but not least, I know some of you will ask me what quality content is. Ah, that is a difficult question to answer since it is quite a subjective matter. Then, some of you will ask why my well-written, well-researched articles are listed below some Geeks who just copied and pasted someone else’s work? Now, I know you are one of those guy who got trapped in SEO Rat Race and seems to concern yourself too much with getting the best placing in SERP.

Come on, enjoy yourself; write good articles; build your followers; and build a great website. When you have a good website and many followers like THIS GUY, who needs SEO anymore? 😀

Let me know if you managed to build a great website. I might include you in my Malaysia Best Blog 2015 list. 😀

Top 8 Tips For Building A Great Website!

12 thoughts on “Top 8 Tips For Building A Great Website!

  1. well done bro. content is king tu memang penting, kalau ikutkan content yang bagus tak mustahil akan dapat rank tinggi automatik sebab backlink yang orang buat ke entri kita tu. autority, niche, engagement!

  2. grammatical error @ type error tu, kadang-kadang kita sebagai penulis blog tak perasan langsung thats why sebelum publish kena semak betul-betukan? tapi kalau salah sikit2 tu xde jadi masaalahkan.

  3. bagusnya tips ni! tapikan skrg smgt nak berblogging tu mcm dah kurang dah..haha. bila smgt naik semula akan dicari entri ini 😀

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