What Are Your Objectives When Doing Blog Designing?

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I guess it is quite easy for me to be addicted to blogging. Apart from the fact that I love writing and sharing my experiences with others, I also love the other part of blogging, i.e the technical stuff such as blog designing. It has been 2 years since I created this blog, and I have made lots of changes to its design to what you see today.

Since I’m not an expert in CSS or html coding, the process has been quite a painful one but I thoroughly enjoyed it and have no hesitation to repeat the process if necessary. 

Before I continue with my Ramadhan rambling on blog designing, I would love to hear comments from all of you on my blog’s design. You may skip the boring part below and go straight to the comment box to post your opinion. 😀

But, I would be grateful if you would continue reading my article today and hopefully you’ll find it useful as well.

I hope to follow this article with a review on Denaihati’s blog. Bro Amir is offering RM100 for bloggers who review and give their opinion about the latest make-over of his blog which was done by Eizil Network.

I think it is imperative for me to write this article before reviewing his blog. There are a few points that I can post here and will help me to shorten my review. Otherwise, it could end up being a long and boring review.. ha ha…

  • Then again, if I’m too slow, I might miss out the RM100.
  • First come first serve, right bro?
  • Alahai kasi chance la..dah bulan puasa ni he.. he..

Well, I’m not so sure about others but every time I did changes to my blog the objective was always the same. I may NOT achieve the target all the time but I think the improvement are there for everyone to see. I hope that I will continue to improve my blog from time to time and I’ll continue to improve my knowledge on this area to achieve better results in the future.

Blog Designing

If I ask you what your objective of blog designing is, what would you say? For me there are four targets that I always want to achieve:

  • to look more presentable and professional-looking
  • to make it easier for the readers to read and navigate throughout the blog
  • to decrease the page load time
  • to reduce the bounce rate

Of course, they are not easy to achieve. Sometimes you have to balance your needs. For example, in order to make it look presentable, you may need to add more images etc, thus increasing the page load time. Or, you may want to edit or delete old postings that you think contribute to higher bounce rates but while doing that you may also maximize the page errors.

Of course expert designers and CSS master can do it better by playing with CSS stuff etc.

But for me, I’ll try to get the best that I can from what I have learned so far.

Presentable And Professional-Looking

I think when doing blog designing, this is the most important aspect that many bloggers want to achieve. Then again, what is ‘presentable’ and what is ‘professional-looking’ can be subjective and everyone can have different views on it. Nonetheless, it is important to look for the WOW factor. It can be of anything – images, arrangement, page load, contrast, etc.

Try to find something that can attract the attention of your visitors. Even delicious looking ‘nasi lemak’ if arranged nicely make people notice.

nasi lemak

Other than that, careful arrangement and less annoying pop-up advertisements and widgets will make your blog more presentable and look professional. If you are not familiar with CSS coding and Photoshop, try browsing for suitable WordPress theme or pay a professional to do it for you.

Easier For Readers To Read And Navigate

This one is actually a no brainer. Every blogger must be aware of this. When you put up a blog for public viewing on the internet, then the intention must be for other people to read what you write. Otherwise, you shouldn’t start a blog or just make yourself private. 😉

To ensure that your readers can read your blog comfortably, you should pay attention to the background and the font that you use. There should be a good contrast between them. It is well accepted by many bloggers that black font and white background is the best combination and should be used by those serious about blogging.

When designing your blog, you should ensure that your blog is easy to navigate and readers can find related topic easily. Make sure that you put your post in the right category and use related posts plugin to list out related post at the end of each posting.

Put a ‘search form’ as the last resort for readers to find the correct information on your blog.

Decreasing The Page Load Time

In the past I tend to rely on too any plugins. While they make my life easier with many things when blogging, the plugins created too many requests to the server. Inevitably, they slow down my blog. So, I learned to use less plugins these days.

  • Plus, I use the cache plugin to help it load even better.
  • Of course, there are so many blogs that are faster than mine.
  • But I believe at the current rate, my blog isn’t too bad either.
  • Don’t you think so? 😉

Using too many images, html and java codes can also slow down your blog. Nonetheless, like I mentioned above, image is useful to create the ‘wow’ factor for your blog. Those who are monetizing their blog using AdSense may also find that using java script on their blog is unavoidable.

Reducing The Bounce Rate

Like many bloggers, I used to be too concerned about the quantity of traffic and ignored the quality. I understand now that having people to accidentally come to my blog and immediately leave is not a good thing. They mostly bring absolutely nothing for me except perhaps eat up my bandwidth and give false impression of my website/blog performances.

Nonetheless high bounce rate is not necessarily bad. Careful understanding about the good and bad bounce rates will help you to come up with a good design for your blog which will not only look wonderful but be profitable as well. It is advisable though not to use meta keywords and tags that are not related to your posting.

Try not to trick visitors to your blog and you’ll gain more respect and consistent audience in the future.

Alright that’s all for today. Hope you are doing fine on this first day of Ramadhan. What did you eat for iftar today? Anyone had cendol and Roti John like I did today? 😀 I hope I won’t be too busy tomorrow, so I can concentrate on my blog and probably make a review on Denaihati’s blog’s new theme.

Oh ya, maybe some blogwalking as well. Anyone want to invite me to their blog?

What Are Your Objectives When Doing Blog Designing?

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  1. Secara jujurnya, blog bro ni menjadi antara blog yg ambe cukup suka pada penampilan temanya. Walaupun diubah beberapa kali, tapi sekali pandang, ambe dah tahu siapa pemiliknya.

    Ada WOW faktor kot?

    Apapun, blog cukup rempah ratusnya..jadi tiada komen memandangkan ambe pun naif bab2 themes ni…

    Jemput singgah ke blog ambe =)

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