How To Create A Good Blog

How To Create A Good Blog

Recently I participated in a blogging contest (Malaysia Best Blog) in which I was required to list out 10 blogs that I think are among the best in Malaysia and give reasons for my selection. Listing [...]


Terselit Dalam Carta Ashadee

Jika ada kerjaya yang paling tidak sesuai bagi saya, saya rasa pastilah "salesman" atau jurujual. Mengapa? Kerana saya memang tidak pandai dalam soal memujuk pelanggan memberi sebarang produk atau servis. Malah, bukan sahaja dalam kehidupan biasa, [...]

Malaysia Best Blog 2015

Malaysia Best Blog 2015

First of all, let me be frank. This article is written solely for contest purposes. Oh yes, that’s Malaysia Best Blog 2015, SEO Contest organised by Khirol Hazwan from OhDuit.Com. Nonetheless, all the blogs that I'm [...]

Affiliate Marketing Webinar 2

Affiliate Marketing Webinar

After a long holiday plus a week delay because of the flood, schools in Malaysia are about to re-open again. Monday marks the first day of 2015 school term and parents can expect huge traffic jam [...]

Super Spammy SEO Giveaway 2

Super Spammy SEO Giveaway Worth $3,000

I'm NO SEO expert and I don't really dwell in this SEO thingy. Nonetheless, I love to read about SEO and its development. It is really facsinating! SEO freaks like Kris Jones, Rand Fishkin, Barry Schwartz, [...]