FoxSports ft Ismail N

I’m On FoxSports

For a blogger, there is no bigger reward or satisfaction that can be achieved other than being recognised for his/her writing. While writing itself is a passion, getting recognised is an achievement that will help to [...]


Guest Blogging

Over the past few months, I have received many e-mails on this ‘guest blogging’ thingy. I think I have rejected some and approved some. I admit that I never had a clear policy on this and [...]


What Are You Sharing On Social Medias?

I don’t know if I can get a statistic on this but I believe the most popular things that people like to share on social medias are pictures. Try updating your status on Facebook or post [...]


Use This Coupon To Get 30% Discount At Hostgator

OK, lets cut to the chase and use this coupon code: 2013HostgatorIN at Hostgator Web Hosting to enjoy a 30% discount on their hosting plan. You can read the whole article later. :D I have been [...]

Denaihati – A Short Review

I was supposed to write this last week but I was down with a headache (migraine). I don't think it was because of the weather here in KK and I also don't believe it has anything [...]