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Ella : Ratu Rock Malaysia

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Ella is the most outstanding and lasting Malaysian female rock vocalist.  Though she does not exude the typical rock demeanour (I say typical, but there’re not many female rockers around, so perhaps it’s typical for male rockers), this sweet lady’s singing voice is second to none.  After more than 2 decades of singing, she still reigns supreme as Ratu Rock Malaysia (Malaysia’s Queen of Rock).

This is Ella’s rendition of ‘Jujur’ (Honest) and ‘Takkan Melupakanmu’ (Will Never Forget You), both originally performed by Radja.  The original version of both songs are, of course, better, but Ella has done quite a terrific job of mashing the 2 fantastic songs in her raspy dreamy voice.

- Ella : Ratu Rock Malaysia

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  • ella memang dah jadi lagenda malaysia dahh..

  • Terbaik sepanjang zaman

  • “abah, ella nyanyi”
    macam tu la anak gadis aku bila ella muncul di tv
    dia memang tahu aku peminat ella

  • Sekarang dah tak berapa rock macam dulu. Dah jadi gedik-gedik manja pulak dah. haha

  • Masih belum ada penggantinya!

  • Suara dia mmg lagend!