Movie Review: Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow review

I hesitated watching ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ because I was told that Tom Cruise character was sort of caught in a time loop and I was instantly reminded of his previous movie, ‘Oblivion’ (where he was cloned repetitiously).  But I went nonetheless because some say it’s like ‘Groundhog Day’, one of my all-time favourites.

Yes, it’s the sci-fi version of ‘Groundhog Day’ and also reminded me of ‘Source Code’.

Edge of Tomorrow

I was confused at first, not just because I went into the theatres about 10 minutes late, but because of the confusion in Major William Cage’s (Tom Cruise) face when he woke up and found himself handcuffed and forced into battle.

  • He was accused as a deserter but he insisted that he was simply not combat-ready. 
  • What’s going on there?

Seeing Mr Cruise as a confused, frightened and cowardly man is really refreshing.  He was almost as impressive as when he was bald, heartless, foul-mouthed in Tropic Thunder, as the unforgettable Les Grossman.  I couldn’t believe that it was him when I first watched Tropic Thunder…

Anyway, Edge of Tomorrow is set in the future when an alien race, called ‘Mimic’, threatened humanity. 

The army planned to do a surprise attack on the aliens, but they were totally annihilated instead.  Cage died horribly within minutes into battle with many other more ‘combat-ready’ soldiers but unlike them, he woke up to the same day as before – as though it was all a dream.

Unfortunately, the ‘dream’ repeated itself and Cage eventually learned that no matter what he did, he would still die every time, again and again.

After a few ‘deaths’, he discovered that Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt), knew something about what he was experiencing and she told him to look for her when he wakes up.  So he did, and he found help.

She helped him to become a better, leaner and meaner fighter, and to understand how to defeat the enemy.

My Verdict On Edge of Tomorrow

It is an intense, fast-paced and definitely action-packed show.  At times, it was so hilarious, the audience laughed very hard.  You see, Cage didn’t just get killed in the battlefield, but also died under various crazy circumstances.  Each time he died, he improved himself, getting one step closer towards defeating the aliens.

Emily Blunt is terrific as a warrior angel, an alpha female – she really toned her physique and was a match for Cruise, the Omega male, I guess.  This is an underestimated movie – it’s good, way better than Cruise’s previous movies, Oblivion and Jack Reacher.

Do watch this movie if you like action, and don’t mind the fact that it doesn’t quite make sense.

– Movie Review: Edge of Tomorrow

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