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PETROL The Series

by Zurainny Ismail   ·  6 years ago   ·  

PETROL The Series

Are you a diehard motorsport enthusiast or a lover of fast cars?  Do you have dreams of putting your driving skills to the test using the best track cars and racing on the tracks?  If your answer is ‘YES’, or you just love watching others display their skills on the road, then I suggest you watch Petrol The Series.

PETROL, is an action/drama narrative web series that focuses on 5 daredevil drivers (Amber, Matt, Henry, Nick and Ali), who are all struggling with their own life and needs.  In the midst of it all is the mysterious Employer who took advantage of their driving skills, recklessness and vulnerability to assign them with dangerous and illegal tasks.

Filmed in Toronto, the casts include Tyler Blake Smith, Kane Mahon, Jamie Elizabeth Sampson, Kevin Corrigan, Neil Affleck, Jimmy Yu, etc.

PETROL is described as:

Son of Anarchy with the thrust of The Fast & The Furious.  The show is a complex character drama which also focuses attention on vehicle dynamics and real life escape manoeuvres, blending them together in a compelling and unpredictable story arc.

About the Creative Team

This web series is helmed by two talented young guys – Ant Horasanli (Producer, Director, Editor & Writer) and Reza Sholeh (Producer & Writer) who have successfully brought PETROL more than a million views in less than two weeks after its February 19, 2016 debut.

Ant Horasanli

Ant Horasanli

Ant Horasanli is an Award-winning director who has created a diverse body of work ranging from music videos, commercials and shorts, to full-length documentaries and feature films. He pursued Cultural Studies at York University and received his BSc in Film and Television Production at Humber College, along with an Ontario Assistant Directors certificate.


Ant established his own production company in 2003 – N5Pictures – and began his career specializing in commercials and music videos.  He has directed several successful commercials for Rogers Communications, TD Bank, Sony and DEL Properties.  He has also written, produced, directed and edited over 140 music videos for international artists.  He has won more than a dozen VideoFACT/MuchFACT grants, with several of his videos receiving high acclaim all over the globe. His videos have been featured on Much Music and its affiliate channels, and satellite channels around the world.  A number of them have been Top Ten contenders on Much Music Mega Hits, while even more have enjoyed heavy rotation.

Ant is really keen on fast motor vehicle.  His first short film 220 (2002), about a highway patroller obsessed with mysterious radar readings, played at local film festivals and was soon followed by his first documentary entitled Redline (2003), which explores the world of street racing.  Redline won the Best Documentary Feature Award at the 2003 Long Island, New York Film Festival.

Ant ended up signing a distribution deal with California based Frontier Media Inc.

PETROL The Series lab

In 2008, Ant began producing his first feature film, Lost Journey (2010) (which he also wrote, directed and edited), featuring international star Andy Madadian and one of the main casts was Reza Sholeh.  It is a coming of age story about a young Iranian exchange student learning to embrace his new life in Canada.

The film gained industry recognition from TeleFilm Canada, who provided a post-production grant, and distributor Mongrel Media, who acquired the film’s Canadian Rights and set a theatrical release for April 2011 in Toronto theatres.  Opening night drew such a crowd that the theatres added extra daily showings for the remainder of the theatrical run.

The film was also released in theatres in Los Angeles and sold to Super Channel, Rogers On Demand and NetFlix.  It was voted ‘Top 25 Toronto Films‘ by Richard Crouse in Post City magazine and reviewed in the three major Toronto newspapers.  The screenplay was requested by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences – Oscars to put in their files.

In 2012, Ant began working on his second documentary – a film that concentrates on the current ethnic and political tensions between the Kurdish and Turkish populations in Turkey.  He was awarded a full production grant from the Ontario Arts Council to shoot his feature length documentary, Turkification – The Kurds of Turkiye.

In 2014, Ant took on another feature film, GEAR, a film noir crime drama with London expats and Russian gangsters set against the backdrop or Toronto and Montreal.  The film has gone on to receive support from Telefilm Canada and Ant Horasanli’s continued relationship with executives at Telefilm.  GEAR will be premiering in 2016 at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Reza Sholeh

Reza Sholeh

Reza Sholeh is a writer, producer and actor who has been producing, developing and researching film, theatre, and web content for several years now. His career has spanned documentary, drama, thriller, and foreign language films. Reza studied film production at Ryerson University’s CE program; he has also been actively involved in various educational programs and panels offered by Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto and been a full member since 2012.

He was awarded a full production grant by the Ontario Arts Council in 2013 for the feature length documentary entitled “City of Smiles“. The documentary wrapped production in Thailand just this year.

In 2014 Reza co-wrote and co-produced his first feature film Gear (mentioned above), alongside his co-producer and the director of the film, Ant Horasanli.

In Petrol The Series, Reza is not only the writer and producer of this action drama show, but also one of the stars.  He initially studied Theatrical Performance at Seneca College, before he decided to enhance his craft by enrolling at Pro-Actors Lab and studied with some of the most influential acting instructors in Toronto, namely, David Rotenberg being one.

PETROL movie

Reza is actively working on and off screen, if he is not taking the role of an actor in front of the camera or on the stage, be sure that he is behind the camera or in the editing room thriving to make his artistic visions come to life.

You can watch his performance in the upcoming episodes of PETROL. Reza will also be starring in a new suspenseful feature film entitled Prisoner 17.

behind the scene

My Review

For an independent web series of about 10 minutes duration and on a limited budget, PETROL is awesome, especially in terms of camera angle, motion, lighting, sounds and film editing.  In terms of presentation, it fits with the concept of web series which are focussed on the presentation of the storyline and issues.  So, expect less dialogue.  In that short time frame, we can comprehend the story.  Whether one enjoys it or not, that depends on personal preference.

PETROL The Series 2

I think the production team of PETROL may have contact with the police because it highlights crime techniques that are not widely-known such as, in Episode 2, a Ferrari was easily stolen using a computer to hack into the car system.  Hmmm….very interesting and intriguing, and worrying.

Those who has followed a few episodes of PETROL will surely be hooked and will look forward to watching the next episodes because each episode is carefully put together to tantalizingly supply the info so that by the end of the series the mysteries will be revealed, including the fates of the main characters, hopefully.

PETROL The Series 3

Lastly, I would like to add, the cars and motorcycles used in the series are absolutely stunning. The car chasing scenes are not bad either – comparable with some Hollywood big-budget movies.  The first episode features a Honda CBR600 being chased by a modified Mitsubishi EVO and Subaru WRX.

You can expect the special appearances of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Nissan GTR, etc throughout the episodes.


In case you’re wondering how an independently produced web series can afford all the stunts and fantastic vehicle (including high end cars such as Ferrari and Lamborghini), well it’s probably because PETROL is one of 14 scripted drama series (9 English and 5 French drama series designed and produced for exploitation on the web) that received approved funding from the IPF (Independent Production Fund) Board of Directors.  It receives full financing for Season 1 and started filming in September 2015.

I like the fact that Ant Horansali even found the time to write and share about their experience being ‘raided’ by the police during the shooting of a robbery scene for the 1st episode.  Such precious experience would really benefit aspiring future directors out there.

I think PETROL has really catapulted the amazing world of web series to new heights and vision!  No wonder the series has gathered a sizeable following among auto enthusiasts and will continue to air through the summer of 2016.

You could view more episodes of PETROL, including behind-the-scenes footage, here on the Petrol The Series YouTube Channel.  New episodes will start to come out as of 22 July 2016.  Enjoy the ride! 😀



  1. saya sangat menyukai film film action seperti ini…

    1. Kalau mcm tu mmg sesuai la….En. Ahmad bolehlah layan videonya di youtube. 😉

  2. Saya memang suka cerita2 aksi ni..nak2 lagi cerita kereta2 pantas 😉

    1. Wow, sama la kita! Tak dpt drive laju2 atas jlnraya, dpt imagine pun ok jg.

  3. Cerita macam menarik dan mendebarkan. Orang yang suka FF mesti suka tonton cerita ni..

    1. Ya….selain seronok tgk aksi2 kenderaan pantas, saya jadikan web series ni sbg contoh perkembgn dunia web series terkini utk anak2 saya yg berangan nak jadi director filem & skrg sdg bikin video youtube. 😀

  4. saya baru ni baca cerita ni, ingat minyak petrol…haha
    jarang dah ada masa tengok TV
    ciri TV kegemaran cam Criminal Minds dengan CSI pun dah lama tak tengok

    1. Hihihi, saya pun mula2 ingat minyak petrol jg! Criminal Minds mmg best, dulu x pernah miss siap tengok ulangan lg, tapi thn ni selalu miss – yg terkini, suspect behaviour, Yana Yani dah tengok?

  5. baru first time dgr pasal ni 😀

    1. Ni crita baru Aisya, dan bukan hollywood, so kurang publisiti. Selalunya web series cuma crita yg dipenuhi dialog, ada yg buat di rmh sendiri ja, tapi yg ni dorang buat scr profesional, mcm utk tv.

  6. cerita yang hebat..saya tengok kereta Ferarri sudah terasa teruja..belum lagi memandu dan memilikinya sebagai koleksi

    1. Insyallah, blh dpt tu Ferarri, cuma up kan sikit saranan minda dr RM10k ke RM50k sebulan. 😀


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