Royals: A Grammy Awards Winner And Azan

I was driving in my car when the deejay decided to play ‘Royals’ on the radio. There’s something about that song that really attracted my 5 year-old boy to it. He asked me for the title of the song and I told him that the song title is ‘Royals’ and the artiste that recorded the song is Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor aka Lorde, an eighteen year-old New Zealand singer-songwriter. The song occupied the United States Billboard Hot 100 chart’s top-spot for nine consecutive weeks in 2013. It was later named as ‘Song of the Year’ at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards.

As we were enjoying the song, suddenly the music stops. There was an announcement of ‘Asar’ prayer and to be followed by azan. Although, this was not the first time a song was stopped to make way for azan, it is the first time it was noticed by my boy. Maybe, he never had a song that he was so hooked into while listening to the radio in our car. So, he was quite surprised when that happened. So I explained to him why we must respect the azan and told him when it is time to azan, the deejay must stop the music and that’s includes a Grammy Awards winner as well. 😀

Royals: A Grammy Awards Winner And Azan

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  1. Respect to the radio management and deejay. They played their part well in respecting the call to prayer. Now it’s our turn to respect that call to prayer, let’s perform the solah. 🙂

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