Tanda Putera Is Now In Cinemas Nationwide

Tanda Putera Movie

I have been anticipating the public screening of Tanda Putera since last year (and it has been postponed about 3 times) – and now that it’s on, I am more than ready to watch it.  With all the publicity on the film within the last 24 hours created by certain parties (you can read all about it HERE and HERE, I am sure more youth would rush to the theatre before the film is banned in certain states.

Tanda Putera – Let The Audience Be The Judge

With all due respect to the film makers and all other parties, let us (the audience) be the judge.  Some who has watched the movie said that it is more like a documentary – which means it’s basically a true story (and could be boring).  Some said the director should acknowledge that it’s a work of fiction (which is not totally true as it depicts the tumultuous events of 1969 and the challenges faced by our leaders at that time).

The filmmakers said that their main objective is to instil patriotism in our youth, so that they will appreciate the struggles that our forefathers went through to keep the nation in one piece and treasure the freedom, prosperity and peace that we have enjoyed so far.  Let’s see if they’ve succeeded.

Film About Our Leaders

I’ve watched so many movies/documentary/mini-series about other countries’ leaders (even the one where Abe Lincoln is a vampire hunter), I’m just happy to see a movie about our leaders –  I wonder why it took us so long to make one.  Let’s get this over with ya!

Do share with me your thoughts on the movie, if you’ve watched it.

Tanda Putera Is Now In Cinemas Nationwide

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