A 5-Star Dining Experience At Mango Restaurant, Tamparuli

I was at Tuaran today. After Friday Prayer at Masjid an-Nur Tuaran, I immediately headed to Rumah Terbalik at Tamparuli to experience an incredible fine dining experience at the Mango Restaurant.  The dishes consisted of delicious borneo cuisine and local favourites which I will post here in a few days’ time.

ayam berempah

For now, I wish to dedicate special thanks to Ms Diana Chia and Chef Fortunato Lowell @ Asrif, for their warm hospitality and graciousness today. With so many culinary offerings on the menu, and at such reasonable price – I will definitely revisit Mango soon!

A 5-Star Dining Experience At Mango Restaurant, Tamparuli

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    it seems that the food looks delicious, the dish about what material?.
    chicken or beef?.