Mandu – Korean Dumpling


There are many variations of dumplings – filling, taste, look, texture, etc.  My fondness for Chicken Dumpling blossomed when I first tasted it at He Jia Sea Food Restaurant a few years ago. It’s creamy, tender and bursting with juice.

Good dumpling wrappers with elastic, chewy texture are my favourite because they are fun to eat and if the wrapper is not too thick, you can enjoy the taste of the chicken inside and it’s ohh…. so sweet!


Well, during this year’s Chinese Lunar New Year celebration, we stopped at Grace Point KK to have a family lunch after visiting relatives for CNY as my wife is half-Chinese.

It so happened that, there was a stall that sells Korean Food and one of the items on the menu is Mandu, a Korean dumpling.

Korean Dumpling

Obviously, I couldn’t resist ordering Mandu.

We passed it around for everyone to taste – it was absolutely great and everyone loved it.  The sauce was unnecessary, in my opinion, as I think it is good on its own.

This Mandu costs RM11 per set of 8 pieces.

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