Are You Concerned About Your Weight And Health?


Are you concerned about your weight and health?

If you are, and am not sure how to tackle those issues, get some free ideas from Spark People @  All you need to do is to register and then choose whether your goal is to lose weight and to follow a weight loss program, or to live a healthy lifestye without setting a weight loss goal.

You can always change the goal later, it’s just a starting point.

If you choose to lose weight, you will need to enter your weight and height info and walla! you’ll get your BMI (Body Mass Index) and target weight ranges.  If your BMI is :

  1. less than 18.5, you are underweight
  2. between 18.5 – 24.9, you are healthy
  3. over 25 – 29.9, you are overweight
  4. 30 or more, you are obese



Then you may set your weight goal by entering your dream weight and your target date. If you need help, there is a tool that helps you with finding out the suitable target weight or the target time.


Once decided, you may select your preferred program. They also provide other tools to help you and your family according to your interests. And their program is simply simple and believable! So many exercises to choose from, meal menus, infos to read, etc.

The best thing is – you decide what you want and they’ll tell you how to achieve it!

It’s all up to you!

– Are You Concerned About Your Weight And Health?

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  1. waaah..bgusnya website ni…tp mmg leceh lah kalo nak makan roti ke biskut ke kena tengok kalori dulu..nnt terlebih tak capai goal plak mmg bagus utk sape2 yg nak jaga badan lah 😀

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