Caring for Your Teeth With Systema 0.02mm Spiral

Systema Spiral

As you grow older (like me), taking care of your teeth and gum is something that gets more and more important in your daily life. Losing a tooth is quite a disastrous affair as many adult can attest, therefore simple precautions such as choosing the right toothpaste and toothbrush can be crucial in order to keep all your teeth intact as longer as possible.

The lovely phrase “till death do us apart” comes to mind when dealing with your teeth and I bet many would love to keep all their teeth till the last day of their life. 😀

Spiral Toothbrush

If you have dental problem before, then rest assure that it will happen again. Seeing a dentist does not help to solve the problem 100% as dentist can only help slow down the process by fixing the holes and cleaning the affected areas. Of course, if you have lots of money to burn, you can always replace it with artificial teeth but it won’t feel completely the same as your original teeth, especially if you are using the cheap ones. As such, taking dental care and oral hygiene will be crucial in determining the longevity of your teeth.

One way that I can suggest here is by using the right toothbrush.

Ever heard about ‘Spiral Toothbrush’?

I think you might want to know more about it now.

brushing teeth

Brushing Teeth

Brushing one’s teeth has long been considered an important part of dental care. Modern medical research has shown that brushing teeth properly can prevent cavities, and periodontal, or gum disease, which causes at least one-third of adult tooth loss. However, tooth brushing is such an ingrained habit, few people think twice about it. But as with any habit, you can get sloppy, and that can lead to cavities and gum disease.

One mistake that many people do when brushing teeth is by not using the right toothbrush.

Some even continue using the same toothbrush even when it begins to show wear or the toothbrush is too big for them.

Getting the best toothbrush can help you maintain your teeth better.

Never underestimate that fact!

Systema 0.02mm Spiral

Introducing Systema 0.02mm Spiral

Someone asked me to try Systema 0.02mm Spiral recently and I must confess that I’m very impressed. It’s 0.02 mm soft and gentle bristles can penetrate deeper between teeth and gums (said to be 9x cleaner along the gum lines compared to ordinary toothbrush).

Yes, it’s easier to clean my teeth with Systema and it is excellent in penetrating into hard-to-reach points between teeth and gum.

Systema’s soft-bristled brush is best suited for removing plaque and debris from my teeth. According to American Dental Association, bristles should be sturdy enough to remove plaque but not hard enough to damage [the teeth] when used properly. The ADA recommends a soft-bristled brush. Systema 0.02mm Spiral comes with new Convex bristles that can help relief pressure applied on teeth and gums, providing a more comfortable and enjoyable brushing experience.

Systema Toothbrush

Systema Spiral Toothbrush infografik

Another thing that I love about Systema 0.02mm Spiral is its fully rubberized handle. It makes it easier to handle the grip, so you can focus on brushing teeth without the toothbrush keep slipping from your hand.

Hence, you can clean your teeth better without damaging it unintentionally.

Overall, I recommend Systema 0.02mm Spiral for you daily use. What’s more, it costs you only RM 9.90 per brush.

That is a very good deal for a quality toothbrush like this.

So, what are you waiting for? Start using Systema. 😀

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    1. Thanks Naimah,

      Now that you have mentioned it, I think I should e-mail an invoice to Lion (M) Bhd. How much do you think I should bill? 😀
      Btw, I had to checked on your website to know more about you since the little model asked me “who is myliferia?”. He also said “walaikum salam”…

  1. I haven’t try it yet. But normally I using Colgate Tooth Brush the medium hardness. Hehehe

    Oh, I almost forgotten, those days my parents were used index finger to brush teeth with betel nut and lime plus charcoals.


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