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New Study On Mastectomy – CPM Does Little To Improve Survival Rates

by Ismail N   ·  9 years ago   ·  

Breast cancer awareness

Numerous women who have been told that they may have a predisposition for inheriting breast cancer have opted to get mastectomies. Their decision has also been influenced by the trend of public figures such as Angelina Jolie getting mastectomies.

But are these extreme measures truly necessary?

CBS News reports here that numerous women have looked at public figures who opted for mastectomies and decided to get the procedure done as well thinking that it is necessary to avoid breast cancer. “But experts are concerned that many women may have gotten the wrong message- and opted for surgery that won’t really help them,” according to CBS News.

Breast Cancer Statistics

Government statistics show that, “About 232,340 women will get breast cancer in 2013. Almost 40,000 women will die this year from the disease.” Many women who have cancer in one breast choose to remove the healthy breast as well to avoid getting cancer there; the procedure for this is called contralateral prophylactic mastectomy (CPM).

“But researchers behind an Annals of Internal Medicine study published on September 17 say the evidence shows CPM does little to improve survival rates for most women – and that many who choose to undergo the surgery actually overestimated their risk of dying from breast cancer,” according to CBS News.

It is unclear whether hospitals and doctors are making these women aware of these statistics or encouraging them to get these surgeries done.

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– New Study On Mastectomy – CPM Does Little To Improve Survival Rates

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  1. terima kasih maklumatnya bro, banyak juga kita dengar, selepas buang, cancer datang semula dan kali kedua peluang sangat tipis.


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