Tummy Tone Party Zone with Marie Forleo: My Favourite YouTube Zumba Video

Obesity In Malaysia

Obesity In Malaysia: Being No. 1 in something is really an achievement and do you know that Malaysia is ranked number 1 in South-East Asia for both obesity and diabetes and number 6 in Asia Pacific region for obesity? I really didn’t see that coming and that is definitly not the No. 1 that we’re wishing for.

Hard to believe, right?  

Well, the truth is, we eat almost anything we like and we are not as passionate about exercising as we are about food.


Incredibly, about 75% of Malaysians do little or no exercise at all, according to the Deputy Health Minister Datuk Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin. But I haven’t seen the statistics on which this statement is based.

Does the 75% include children and teenagers? 

And what constitutes as exercise?

I really think 2-3 hours of window shopping should also count as a form of exercise if it involves rushing to grab the limited stock item…. 😀  And, if it does, then we will be seeing a lot of exercising this coming Ramadhan as lots of Malaysians crowd the Ramadhan Bazaar and the local stores for Raya sales.

But afterwards, we eat again, lots of sweet stuffs…

Seriously though, we seem to be suffering from a chronic dare-devil syndrome, stubbornly resistant to change even though about 2.6 million of us have diabetes, 5.8 million have hypertension and 6.2 million have high cholesterol levels.

Are we really that reckless?

Well, not so fast – Datuk Rosnah also explained that this is probably because most of us are actually unaware that we are having those silent killer diseases lurking in us.  So, get those tests folks!  It doesn’t matter whether we are thin or fat, short or tall, young or old – diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol can hit anybody.

I have seen a slim, barely 35, non-alchoholic drinker and non-smoker die due to hypertension.  It was so shocking (because he looked so healthy to me) that I felt like I was whacked in the face when I heard the news.

Being thin and looking healthy may be a disadvantage because that can lulled us into a false sense of security.

Favourite YouTube Zumba Video

Tummy Tone Party Zone with Marie Forleo

So, if you’ve been meaning to do some exercising but couldn’t find the time, let me share my favourite Zumba-a-long video, Tummy Tone Party Zone with Marie Forleo.

It’s on YouTube, all you need is a computer and an internet connection to start moving.

Of course, exercising in the park is better, especially if you have an active kid running with you, but not many of us have the time to drop by the park before or after office hours.  We have obligations, kids and so much to do that we are probably only free at 9pm onwards.

So this Zumba workout is just nice for home exercise and it’s not boring.

You could do a 10 – 15 minutes workout in the early morning and another 10 minutes at night.  Don’t do too much or you’ll injure yourself or find it hard to sleep at night.

The moves are quite easy to follow, and if they’re not, then you just need to rewind, focus and try again – it doesn’t have to be perfect.  Unlike doing Zumba in the studio with a group, you won’t need to miss a step (unless you choose to).  I first started with 5 minutes for a couple of times, then when I was comfortable with the moves I increased my workout to 10 minutes and now, I usually stop after 15 minutes.

The hardest part, in my opinion is the real ‘tummy tone’ exercises which start at minute 30:40 called ‘’.  No stress, that’s for much, much later….

Here’s what others are saying about this workout:

This is a really fun routine. It’s easy to follow and goes by really quick since it doesn’t feel like a workout. It was hard for me to do some of the steps and transitions, but I am VERY uncoordinated. Hopefully I will get catch on soon. Looking forward to trying it againMiss Meanie

This is a very simple exercise.. It’s good if you are just starting out.. yet you will need more focused attention on your core later if you want real definition. Good luck – thesunsetshere

Guys, you’re welcome to try this out as well, but if you feel that Zumba is too challenging, you could try this You Tube Sports Endurance Workout – Stamina, Speed and Agility Workout.

Let’s not wait any longer, let’s start practicing a healthier lifestyle – exercise, healthy diet and health screenings (not necessarily in that order).

– Tummy Tone Party Zone with Marie Forleo: My Favourite YouTube Zumba Video

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