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Dangdut Gaga

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Lady Gaga had to cancel her appearance in Indonesia due to opposition by Indonesian authority of her wild and raunchy show. I wonder what she would think when she see the picture below:

dangdut Indonesia

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JAKARTA (June 18, 2012): In a country where opposition to Lady Gaga forced the provocative pop star to cancel her show this month, Indonesia’s home-grown stars are also raising the ire of religious authorities. With increasingly lewd lyrics and raunchy dance moves, hugely popular “dangdut” music – an Indonesian fusion of Arabic, Malay, Indian and western pop influences – is testing the limits of propriety in the world’s largest Muslim nation.

Lady Gaga’s decision to cancel the Indonesian leg of her world tour due to threats by Muslim hardliners opposed to her racy choreography and support for gay rights highlighted the increasing power of groups pushing a strict view of Islam. Yet such groups face an ongoing challenge on the domestic front with dangdut, a genre whose origins date back to the 1930s but whose critics contend is becoming increasingly sexually explicit.

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-Dangdut Gaga

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  • ntah hape2 kadang diorg ni.. cam over lebih dari artis nak mai tu, pastu tak bagi masuk lak

  • eloklah tu.. katanya negara yg umat Islam yang teramai..

  • I never understand what is going on. :-(

  • ntah la. kekadang aku tak faham diorang ni..

  • hik3.. dangdut gaga.. sesuailah sgt..
    memang TAK ler nak tgk dangdut mcm gambar atas nih..

  • Wahaha.. Ini macam pun ada! Entah apa-apa la..