KDR1M: 1Malaysia Discount Card For All

KDR1M Discount Card

Credit: www.informasimalaysia.com.my

Why pay more when you can get for less? That’s why when shopping, it is always advisable to try to negotiate with the seller and ask for the lowest price possible before paying for any goods. In fact it would be better if you can apply for membership and get member benefits such as discounts and rewards for any purchase. I believe many people feel the same and that’s why membership and discount cards are such popular concepts, not just in Malaysia but in the whole world as well.

Hence, I believe KDR1M – 1Malaysia Discount Card will be a big hit when fully introduced by the government sometime in 2013. I’m so excited to get my own 1Malaysia Discount Card.

Can’t wait to see the list of merchants as well! I hope they will include many of my favourite shops and hang-out spots 😀 To date, I only know that the merchants include Mydin, KFC, Jakel Trading, Al-Ikhsan and BH Petrol.

KDR1M – 1Malaysia Discount Card

The discount card initiative was the brainchild of our beloved Prime Minister and under the National Blue Ocean Strategy to lessen the people’s financial burden. It was first named 1Malaysia Privilege Card when introduced way back in August 2012. Under the first phase, the cards were distributed to the Malaysian armed forces and students in local public universities which entitle them to discounts on daily necessities. However, the government through the Information, Communications and Culture Ministry has just announced today that:

KDR1M – 1Malaysia Discount Card will soon be available for all Malaysians, with more than 10 million Malaysians expected to get their card in the near future.

1Malaysia People’s Discount Card

Under KDR1M – 1Malaysia People’s Discount Card programme, card holders will enjoy a wide range of products and services at discounted rates. The list includes selected medical clinics; restaurants; hotels; sports and fitness arenas; wholesalers and retailers; indoor and outdoor theme parks; construction and interior decoration; resorts; clothing and vehicle accessories; general insurance cover and so on.

Currently there are more than 4,500 participating vendors nationwide according to Deputy Information, Communications and Culture Minister, Datuk Maglin Dennis D’Cruz. He also told the press today when opening the new headquarters of Informasi Malaysia at No 30B, Jalan Diplomatik 3/1, Precinct 15, Putrajaya, that more vendors are signing up to the scheme every week.

Credit: www.informasimalaysia.com.my

Credit: www.informasimalaysia.com.my

Datuk Maglin Dennis D’Cruz said KDR1M would be managed by Informasi Malaysia, an agency set up on Oct 22, 2009, to conduct programmes and activities in an effort to explain the objectives and functions of the 1Malaysia concept through the ‘Buletin Informasi Malaysia‘ publication.

KDR1M – A Hit Among Students

KDR1M – 1Malaysia People’s Discount Card is already a hit among students. It saves them plenty of $$$ when purchasing books and stationaries. I believe it will be a hit to others as well. I’m really looking forward to add KDR1M – 1Malaysia People’s Discount Card to the list of discount cards that I already own. Anybody knows when we are going to get the card? Jom aktifkan MyKad.

KDR1M: 1Malaysia Discount Card For All

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