Posters, Anyone?

Did you, when you were a teenager, went through the poster phrase? I mean the movie, pop or rock star posters phase…. What about your kids now?  Me – I remember those days vividly.  I had posters all over the wall and even in my wardrobe.  Though none were framed, some were carefully wrapped in plastic for longevity.

all posters

Well, if you or your kids love posters, have a look at .  They are offering up to 75% discount for about 5,075 posters such as these:

picasso owl

Owl by Pablo Picasso  (Art Print) @ USD18.98 (save 24%)

The Artists Garden

The Artist’s Garden at Giverny, c.1900 by Claude Monet (Art Print) @ USD6.98 (save 77%)

Keep calm and party on

Keep Calm and Party On (Art Print)

There are also t-shirts, calendars, bookmarks and photos on sale.  I’m zooming in on The Hobbit posters.  I think my boys would love to have it on their bedroom door.

you shall not pass

You Shall Not Pass  (Premium Poster ) @ USD16.99

Unfortunately, it’s not on sale at the moment.  I’m sure the time will come.  If you miss this sale, don’t worry, they usually have something on sale every week.

Posters, Anyone?

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  1. Yup, I remember those days, there were this magazine called Galaxy, I think there still is. It had the pullout section, with the picture of the artist and the lyrics of their popular songs.

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