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Pizza Hut Discount Voucher








I had lunch at Pizza Hut with my dear wife and children yesterday. We got a few discount vouchers from Shell and I thought maybe it’s time to use them since  we haven’t gone to Pizza Hut quite some time and the vouchers have an expiry date. Each voucher entitles us to purchase one personal pan pizza (Hawaian Chicken/Peperroni) with large orange Twister drink at about RM9+++ (inclusive tax, the normal price is RM 11). Not bad really, all of us enjoyed the meal. It was enough for adults (on an average diet) but not enough for the boys, so we ordered additional pizzas just for them 😀 . The dish were removed almost immediately after it is finished, so our table was not crowded.  The wi-fi was quite ok.  Pictures were taken at Pizza Hut City Mall Kota Kinabalu using Sony α230 DSLR Camera.

(Pizza Hut Discount Voucher)

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  • Avatar for Ismail N Princess Zezebel Lair June 25, 2011, 2:31 am

    Sometimes makan kat pizza hut tapi oleh sebab saya jenis yang tak kira lah makan banyak mana pun, selagi tak makan nasi, tak akan rasa kenyang, jadi memang jarang sangat lah pergi sini… hehehe

  • Avatar for Ismail N Chipcoklat June 23, 2011, 2:57 am

    Hohoho Pizza Hut.. Sodap tu… kalo ade voucher lebih..bleh ke bg kat chip satu..hehehe

  • Avatar for Ismail N maza June 22, 2011, 2:59 pm


    we were at pizza hut for dinner on yesterday too.. not on any voucher, but my sister in law treat us.. hehehehe

    syukurrr.. arrrekkkk.. burp.. hehehehe