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Woman Had Sex With Wrong ‘Boyfriend’

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A Chinese woman mistook a stranger to be her boyfriend and had sex with him. Later when she lodged a report, police said it was difficult to charge the man as the woman voluntarily had sex with him. The woman, 26, and her boyfriend had attended a friend’s birthday party and left late at night. Thinking that it was too late to go home, they decided to stay at a hostel in Guizhou, China. In the middle of the night, she went to the common toilet outside the room. But when she returned, she entered the wrong room.

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After getting into the bed, the man in the bed wanted to have sex with her. Thinking that he was her boyfriend, she had sex with him. Later the woman found out that the man was not her boyfriend and reported to the police.

Source: Guizhou Commercial Daily / China Daily Published Aug 10 2011

- Woman Had Sex With Wrong ‘Boyfriend’

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