Charlie Jackson: Young Red Devil

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According to a report, Manchester United has snapped a FIVE YEAR OLD kid to join their famous football academy with an intention to turn the boy into the next Wayne Rooney. Charlie Jackson was spotted by Old Trafford scouts when he was JUST THREE! He lives with his parents and older brother Jake, 12, in Denton, Greater Manchester and was spotted by United while playing at a local soccer scheme called Footytotz.

However, they had to wait for another two years when he’s old enough to join their development centre. Coaches seem to be impressed with the little boy and tip him as a future superstar. :D

Charlie-JacksonParents Andy and Claire, both 38, said they could not be happier he has joined the Reds, even though the family are all fans of bitter rivals Manchester City. Accountant Andy said: “His idols are Joe Hart and Mario Balotelli and at first he was mortified that he had to train with United, but he seems to be getting over that bit now. He loves it”. And he WILL LOVE MAN UTD like Wayne Rooney and the others once he step into the Theatre of Dreams!

- Charlie Jackson: Young Red Devil

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  • Kalau ada akademi ni kat sini, kena tunggu ada pemain bola kita dapat pendapatan juta2, baru ibubapa berminat nak masukkan anak2 mereka….

  • nak ambik budak sbesar ni utk d asuh, mkn blanja bsar tu. cukup ke FAM nak invest?

  • fuh, ni main bola sejak dalam buaian ni

  • Pantang dapat bola di kaki laju sahaja dibawa bola macam lipas kudung.

    • potensi tinggi ni… kalau sentiasa improve mungkin boleh jd as good as Messi.

  • Kalau di Malaysia ada akademi bola sepak untuk usia seawal ini, mungkin bola sepak Malaysia akan meningkat mutunya..

    • kalau kat m’sia ada akademi, belum tentu mak bapak benarkan masuk :D
      kawe rasa better bagi kursus pada cikgu2 yg berminat utk jadi coach dan bagi insentif kalau dapat jumpa dan lahirkan talent baru. Amacam?