David Moyes Is The Special One For Manchester United

David Moyes

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It is no secret that Real Madrid’s coach, Jose Maurinho is the number one choice of Manchester United’s fan to succeed Sir Alex Ferguson. With an impressive CV and burning desire to be the boss at Old Trafford, the self-proclaimed ‘Special One’ has endeared the club supporters as the man for the future. But it is not the fans that make the decision though. The board, with the full endorsement of Sir Alex Ferguson and legendary United’s player, Sir Bobby Charlton, has decided that Everton’s boss , David Moyes should be given the chance to continue the legacy built by the Sir Alex and be United’s very own special one.

Of course when selecting a manager for a big club like Manchester United, big names are always preferred by the fans. If Pep Guardiola hasn’t decided to join Bayern Munich, his name would definitely be mentioned as a front runner along with Maurinho and Jurgen Klopp as candidates to the hot seat at OT. But hiring big names is not always a good policy. Just ask Chelsea how Luis Felippe Scolari fared at Stamford Bridge? Or look at Manchester City when Sven Goran Eriksson was in charge.

For the record, Manchester United hasn’t had a new manager since 1986, when Sir Alex signed for the club. That is about 27 years whereas rival clubs such as Chelsea and Manchester City have changed theirs about a dozen times.

I think Manchester United has seen and learned from the experience of their rivals, especially Liverpool, before deciding on David Moyes. They are well aware that stability and loyalty play a big part to the club’s success. That’s why Sir Alex and the United’s board have been working hard over the past few years to bring in new players and bedded them to the team as they lay the foundation for Moyes to come in with ease. They learned from Liverpool’s experience in the 80’s when Kenny Dalglish left the Reds with aging players who had only a few years left of quality football in them. Moyes will inherit a squad of top quality footballers who are still young or just only reached their peaks.

With Moyes, Manchester United is assured of a dedicated and loyal British manager at the helm. He won’t bring along the fun fare with him like the flamboyant Maurinho. Manchester United has given the Scots a SIX-YEAR contract and they are not only giving Moyes time to stamp his mark at Old Trafford but also expecting him to honour the contract as well. David Moyes has stayed for 11 years at Everton and if he can emulate Sir Alex’s achievement, he might be given a chance to stay there as long as his great predecessor. Perhaps longer than Sir Alex if he can win many titles for the club.

Critics have questioned Moyes’ ability. Unlike Maurinho, Klopp, Guardiola and Mancini, the Scotsman has not had any medal to show. He also doesn’t have Champion League experience. So, does that mean he is inferior to the others?

I think David Moyes has done enough to show his ability and understanding of football management that impressed the top brass at United. He has, after all, managed to lead his low budget Everton to finish above their neighbour, Liverpool, who spent quite a fortune on new players over the past few seasons. It is quite a marvellous achievement indeed.

Yes, he hasn’t won anything BUT do you think Maurinho, Guardiola, Klopp or Mancini will be able to win with the players and the limited resources that he has at Everton? I think had Everton hired Mancini instead of Moyes, Everton would probably be fighting the relegation battle instead of a place to European football this season.

David Moyes is also good at nurturing young talents – a trait that is similar to his predecessor.  He will continue Manchester United’s tradition of bringing up the home grown talent instead of relying on foreign imports which is something that Maurinho and Mancini loves to do. I think in many ways, Moyes reminds us a lot of Sir Alex. Let’s just hope he can be as good as the great man himself. So, congratulations to David Moyes on his appointment as Manchester United’s manager and wish him all the best. Glory Glory Man Utd!

David Moyes Is The Special One For Manchester United

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  1. David Moyes. Walaupun tanpa sebarang piala di Everton tpi kemampuan dia kendali skuad everton dgn sentiasa top 8 Liga sudah cukup membuktikan kewibawaan dia.

    Ambe suka si David ni manu. Dia jenis yg setia dan ini yg perlu utk teruskan legasi cemerlang manu =)

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