Discontent And Disbelief

The  video clip below has been making rounds on the internet. It catches the reaction of two of Manchester United’s legend, Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Bobby Charlton in the aftermath of the League Cup loss to Sunderland. The latter can only shook his head in apparent dismay. Later, some of the fans took their frustrations to the Twitter and for once in many years and there are growing discontent and disbelief at Old Trafford. While many expected the transition period will weaken the Red Devils, it never occurred in their mind that United is going to struggle at mid-table and that teams like Swansea and West Brom (no disrespect to them) can come to OT and walk away with three points.

Of course when crisis happens, the blaming game will begin. While United fans are divided whether to blame the poor run of forms on David Moyes, the players or the owner, fans from other clubs are having their time of life digging at us. I was in the car yesterday, when the radio deejay posed a question to the listeners “Which famous club is currently the laughing stock of football fans across the world?”. What kind of st***d question is that? And guess what? Several people took turn answering the question and they all got it correct (according to the deejay): MANCHESTER UNITED!

I have been a fan of the club since I first know football – been there when Liverpool dominated the English league and went through a long period of no silverware for the club! There is no question about me turning my back on the club that I love so much. It’s Manchester United forever and ever!

But I know younger fans won’t take the situation kindly. They are not used to seeing The Red Devils lose three games in a row. Never during Fergie’s years! With the dreaded prospect of not finishing top four and losing the Champion League place for the first time since the inception of the Premier League in 1992, this is by far the toughest time at OT AND also a very good time to back the players and the manager. While we may not agree with the manager’s tactic or are displeased at the players’ effort (or lack of it) on field, booing them and asking for their sacking should not be in the agenda. Just give them space and time and, hopefully, normal service will resume sooner or later.

Despite all the losses, I’m still looking forward to Saturday’s match against Swansea. Hopefully Wayne Rooney and RVP will be back and help us to three points in Premier League. Glory Glory Manchester United!

Discontent And Disbelief

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  1. Last sekali kalah tiga kali berturut-turut tahun 1997 kot. Yang ada kena lipat dengan Newcastle 5-0 tu. Betulkan kalau kawe silap. Tapi tahun tu siap champion lagi. On the contrast note, kawe suka MU jadi lagu ni. Dulu Liverpool, sekarang Red Devils pulak. hehe.

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