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Real Mad Money For The Red Devils

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In 1992, Manchester United gave young David Beckham a senior debut at the age of 17. He was signed for FREE few years back as a trainee at United’s academy. Beckham went on to make 399 appearances for The Devils before he was sold for £25 million to Real Madrid. In 2001 Manchester United signed Dutch striker Ruud Van Nistelrooy for £19 million and he then made 219 appearances for the club, scoring a staggering 150 goals in five seasons. After a fall out with Sir Alex, Van Nistelrooy was sold to Real Madrid for €24 million.

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After David Beckham left in 2001, Sir Alex signed a little known 17 year old, Portuguese winger, Cristiano Ronaldo from Sporting Lisbon for £12.24 million. The youngster was developed into one of the greatest player ever to grace Old Trafford making 292 appearances with 118 goals. Cristiano Ronaldo was voted World Footballer and European Footballer of the year 2008. He too was sold by Manchester United to Real Madrid for a world record fee of £80 million.

Last season Manchester United brought in a little known Mexican named Javier Hernandez for a mere £6 million from, Chivas. Guess who is lurking around to sign the Mexican now? Oh yeah, it’s the Real MADrid again!


I know the British press can be unreliable at times. But news like these can be eye pleasing for readers like me. :D Not that I like to see Manchester United stars leave Old Trafford every year, while the owner make huge profits by selling them. It’s just that I know with Sir Alex still around, Manchester United will still be capable of challenging for titles even when their biggest player is not around anymore. Great players like Eric Cantona, Roy Keane, Paul Scholes, Van Nistelrooy, Beckham and Ronaldo have come and go. Yet, Manchester United is still one of the best team in the world, if not the best!

- Real Mad Money For The Red Devils

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  • siapa masuk MU atau real madrid untung la..bayaran lumayan.. untung la ramli.. hehe

  • yg pasti…real madrid pasti nak beli mana2 pemain yg alex ferguson beli…

    mmg pandai pilih dan pandai buat duit si alex ni..

    p/s-no doubt yg manu ttp boleh survive sampai sekarang…terbaik!

  • emm..takde haiwan lain kerr?? hhe..

  • Wah
    oing oing pun ada baju merah gaks ;)


    **bro, kena samak tak kalau pegang ni? hehehe (lari tajuk jap ye)

  • Lepas jual “Javier Hernandez” boleh beli “Ramli” :D hehe..

    • He..hee..betul tuh bro Anif :-)

      • haha…dapat makan percuma burger ramli :D

        • adehhhhh.. korang ni semuaaa…. :lol:

    • hahahahha..iklan ni mmg terbaik!

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