We Got 19, How Many Have You Got?

Way back in 1986, Sir Alex Ferguson was installed as the new Manchester United manager and upon his appointment; Sir Alex declared his intention to knock Liverpoolright off their f**king perch”. Time passed by and in 1992, Manchester United finally won its first Premier League under the guidance of Sir Alex Ferguson. While the fans of United were singing and dancing, there was a banner put up by the Liverpool fans at Anfield telling Manchester United to come back after winning 18th titles. Yes, Liverpool was the King of England at that time with 18 League titles compare to just 7  for United when Sir Alex first arrived at Old Trafford. At that time, no one and not even Sir Alex Ferguson ever thought that Manchester United will one day surpass Liverpool’s achievement during his reign. Deficit of 11 titles seems too much to handle even for a manager with Sir Alex’s pedigree.


Well, what do you know, today I’m sitting with my friends (yes, they are fans of Manchester United too) and enjoying some teh tarik after witnessing my beloved club win its 19th League titles. In case you are just coming back from years of holidays in Mars, then you should be aware that the great man himself is still at the helm of Old Trafford’s hot seat and watching his 4th (or is it 5th?) generation of Manchester United team successfully knocking Liverpool off its f**king perch. Before I go partying with my United friends (since the night is still young :D), I just like to remind you Liverpool fans out there: “We Got 19, How Many Have You Got?”. Glory Glory Man Utd…. signing off in style! 😀

We Got 19, How Many Have You Got?

16 thoughts on “We Got 19, How Many Have You Got?

  1. Tahniah kepada MU dan Tahniah juga kepaad Encik Ismail untuk blog baru.

  2. Isk.isk..mmg ramai fan MU kat mesia nih…aku support Arsenal…tahniah tuk MU fan…tp mlm td x patut MU dpt penati, reff x nmpk offside ngan lakonan mamat tu…….huhuhu

    • he he.. yg silap Paul Robinson sbb dia tackle Hernandez dan there is contact, so ikut law penalty ler bro… biarpun Hernandez dah tempat peluang nak shoot masa tu 😀
      sabar Arsenal… nanti Fergie bersara, ada chance la sikit 😉

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