About Me

Who Am I?

As a lifelong supporter of Manchester United, the greatest football club in the world, it has always been a pleasure for me to introduce myself as a Red Devils’ fan.  A huge admirer of Paul Scholes, I idolise many of the club greats such as Eric Cantona, Bryan Robson, Ryan Giggs and Roy Keane. With Sir Alex still in charge and Rooney and RVP in the ranks, the future is great for the club.

I can still see Man Utd winning many more titles in years to come.

A Coffee Addict

Apart from being a football enthusiast, I’m also a coffee addict! This thirtyfourty-something dad with 5 kids just can’t start his day without a cup of coffee. I like to hang out at Starbucks, enjoying a glass of latte Americano while blogging and surfing the internet. I have my very own Starbucks Card and bought another one for my dear wife. Alternatively, I also like to drink coffee at Santola Bar, Coffee Bean and Gloria Jeans.

Rock Music & Photography

I love listening to rock music and watch action movies. My favourite musician is Van Halen while I enjoy watching all of Matt Damon’s Bourne Trilogy.

In my free time I like to blog and take photos. I am a writer and photographer in the making, aspiring to be much, much better than I am now.

I’m Not A Lawyer!

Studied law, but never practiced. :D Career-wise, I have been in the legal, managerial, administrative and HR fields. I hope to be a good father and hubby. I like to spend a lot of time with my kids. Still and forever deeply in love with my darling wife.

For reasons only known to my dad, I was given a very long name. Nonetheless, you all can call me by my first name: Ismail :D

Comments & Questions

If you have questions about any of the contents on this site, etc, please feel free to leave a comment on the relevant post/page. If you want to contact me directly and privately about something, please e-mail to ismailn28@gmail.com or p.m me via Twitter. [Please give me time to response to your question. I’m not a full time blogger, you know :S].

- Dulu Lain Sekarang Lain