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Be An Affiliate With JomNiaga And Start Earning Money Online

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Only two months ago I decided to join ‘JomNiaga’ (now Ashadee) as part of my learning education as I try to explore more ways to generate income online. I must confess this program is not bad. In fact not bad at all! I really can’t believe how I have been totally ignorant of the existence of such program. Perhaps, when it comes to affiliate marketing I still rank as a ‘novice’ after all.

A few bloggers alerted me about ‘JomNiaga’ through their blog postings. Somehow I didn’t get to register myself early and decided to wait and wait – probably having some reservations / suspicions about it. Now that I have registered, I found myself regretting my being too cautious and too slow to act. Well, author, H. Jackson Brown, Jr was right when he said “success comes to the one who acts first”.

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What Is JomNiaga aka Ashadee?

In case you are a novice affiliate marketer like me (:D) and don’t know what is JomNiaga, then let me give you a brief introduction. JomNiaga is “Malaysia’s first integrated e-commerce and affiliate marketing system designed by experts to help you sell online faster and easier than ever before”. Just imagine Clickbank, Commission Junction, ShareSale, etc. and you will get the idea what Jom Niaga is.

With JomNiaga you can earn money online, whether or not you have products to sell.

Do You Need E-Commerce Website Or Shopping Cart?

Those who have products such as e-books, stock photos or other things that you can sell online can definitely benefit from joining JomNiaga in terms of marketing the product and reducing operational cost. You don’t need to set up your own e-commerce or shopping cart and you don’t even need to look for buyers. All will be handled by JomNiaga and once you have submitted your products and all its marketing tools, you just sit down and relax for the payments. Easy huh?

Selecting And Promoting Products

For those without any product, you get an easier job to do. Just select one of the many products at JobNiaga and promote it to milllions of internet users around the world. Surely, you can get at least one buyer per month, right?

What you need to do is promote it in your blog or website, share it in social media and advertise it anywhere appropriate and earn  for each sale. No need to come up with your own product and still make money online.

Please note that many products in JomNiaga is targeted for Malaysian market, so a basic knowledge of local SEO will be helpful. Ok, for those who want to make some money online.. JomNiaga (Let’s do business)….

Be An Affiliate With Jom Niaga And Start Earning Money Online

About the author: I am lifestyle blogger cum internet marketer, who has been blogging and writing since the day the Web 2.0 was created. I love sports and traveling, and am addicted to coffee and Man Utd. I enjoy putting passion and personality into each website designed.

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