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If you are an affiliate marketer, I am sure you are looking for lots of subscribers to add to your list. With more subscribers, there will be more potential buyers and potential sales on the horizon.  Many affiliate marketers have searched for the best list building tips to increase their list. Many however, have failed in search of the best way to entice visitors into subscribing in spite all the work done.

I can list many ways to improve your list building.

List Building Tips

Premium List Magnet

But the best list building tip of all can be described in 3 words:  “Premium List Magnet”. See the video below to see what I mean. Oh yeah, you can even try it for FREE (Click HERE to get the FREE Version) but you won’t get all the functions like the Premium one.

Ok, what’s great about Premium List Magnet? I say everything is great about this WordPress plugin. Yes, it’s a plugin 😀 Sorry for not mentioning it earlier. But that will make it even better, right? Easy to install like any other plugin and it works with all top auto-responders.

You name it: Aweber, Get Response, Mail Chimp, iContact, Imica Mail, Constant Contact and many more.

Even though this is a WordPress Plugin, it also works on non-WordPress sites (read: ANY WEBSITE). Read the instruction on how to do it. 😀 And the BEST THING is you don’t need to have any knowledge of design and programming language at all! Get it: Zero Design & Programming Skills. Dude, you can easily and instantly create UNLIMITED opt-ins and ads without any design or programming skills.

So, are you still looking for LIST BUILDING TIPS?

If you are still not convinced, how about this: With Premium List Magnet you also get Facebook users into your list. Premium List Magnet comes with FB integration. At the click of 2 buttons by your visitors, and without them typing anything into opt-in forms, you capture their “real” and “valid” emails (along with some other personal information, which you can use if you like). See the video again to understand what I mean. 😀

Most Facebook users use REAL, VALID emails. This means when you use our “Facebook Connect” button to build your list using Facebook, you’re collecting real emails as opposed to bogus emails used for the sole purpose of getting freebies. Superb, don’t you think?

Now what else can you get from this amazing plugin:-

  • You can easily create unblockable, beautiful OPT-IN and AD left/right/top/bottom sliders, as well as lightbox popups.
  • Gain full control over how often you want your opt-ins/ads to show.
  • Add an opt-in form to your blog sidebar easily.
  • Use Video/Custom Image In Your Popups
  • Instantly Insert A Squeeze Page Right Within Your Facebook Pages
  • Create DIFFERENT Optins/Ads On DIFFERENT Posts/Pages
  • Plus many more. See it for yourself.

By the way, Premium List Magnet is 100% Backed By Support & Guarantee. If you don’t feel that you’re getting way more than what you’re paying, or for any reason or no reason at all you want your money back, simply contact the developer within 30 days at: and they’ll return every penny of your purchase. So, are you still looking for list building tips?

Simply The Best List Building Tips | Premium List Magnet

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