Loan Basic: What Is A Personal Loan?

personal loan

Most of you probably know what a loan is. However, there are many types of loan that you can choose and before you go to any banks or any financial institution, it is best to know what type of loan suits your need.

If you are thinking of going on a vacation with your loved ones but short of fund, you probably need to apply for a personal loan. There are many banks and other financial institutions that offer this kind of services.  Continue Reading »

KDR1M: 1Malaysia Discount Card For All

KDR1M Discount Card


Why pay more when you can get for less? That’s why when shopping, it is always advisable to try to negotiate with the seller and ask for the lowest price possible before paying for any goods. In fact it would be better if you can apply for membership and get member benefits such as discounts and rewards for any purchase. I believe many people feel the same and that’s why membership and discount cards are such popular concepts, not just in Malaysia but in the whole world as well. Continue Reading »



It is the year 2013. Mayan calendar has ended and the apocalypse did not materialise. Floods still affected people in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia as Malaysians wait for the BR1M 2.0 and the 13th General Election set to be held any time this year. Elsewhere, ‘Skyfall’ became the first 007 movie to generate more than $1 billlion ticket sales while people of India are still raging over the horrific death of rape victim. My kids started schooling today but it did not stop me from sleeping very late last night to watch my beloved Manchester United in action. Oh yeah, my wife did complained a bit about that 😉

The year may have changed, but it is business as usual at Old Trafford. A convincing win on top of another polished display mark a great start to the coming year of the snake and there is no reason for the Red Devils not to feel upbeat as Premier League enters the second half of the season. Even the 71-year old grandpa, Sir Alex Ferguson, is in the mood and declared he’s not ready to make way for a new boss at OT and why not, when he has Robin Van PERFECT in his team. Continue Reading »