Countdown To 2013 : What Makes You Beautiful

Their story could have been a fairy tale of sorts because it seems that all the stars were aligned for the creation of the Piano Guys from Utah.

Of all its members, Jon Schmidt was the only famous local piano player, having eight albums and seven piano books of his song transcriptions. He also performed concerts throughout Utah, one of which featured a creative cello artist, Steven Sharp Nelson.  When Nelson transferred to Sandy, Al van der Beek, who lived down the street from Nelson’s new place, helped him move in. Van der Beek came from a musical family, sang and played several instruments.  Paul Anderson owned a piano store in St. George, Utah.  Tel Stewart, was a piano mover who is a videography genius. Continue Reading »

Countdown to 2013 : Apo Kono Eh Jang

I was very young when Ally Nor and Mastura made their names in the Malaysian music industry with this song. Apart from Blues Gang ‘Apo Nak Dikato’, it is not often that we hear songs in a local dialect aired on the radio and become a hit among the rakyat. Well they did it and it inspired many artists to come up with songs such as this. Ally Nor and Mastura even went on to make a few more records before exiting from the spotlight. Nonethelesss, the duo really made a lasting impression back then and the song was a bomb! Continue Reading »

Spotify’s Holiday Condom Ads

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How would you feel if, while you are enjoying a song with your family in the car, a lewdly suggestive advertisement suddenly interrupts the chorus?

That’s what happened to Spotify’s listeners during the holiday season – specifically, those who use Spotify for free. They had to endure advertisements for Trojon condoms, which included phrases such as “orgasmic pleasure” and “stimulating condoms”. Continue Reading »