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Further Thoughts On Euro 2012 And A Few Revised Predictions

Although I had predicted that England would not do well in the current Euro edition, there is no doubt in my mind which team I truly support to win Europe’s premier football competition. With Red Devils’ trios of frontline leading the Three Lions’ attack, rest [...]

Case Not Settled, Vehicle Left At RTD For 20 Years!

What do you do if your car is seized by the Road Transport Department (RTD) for failing to have insurance coverage or failure to renew or not having a valid driving licence? Well, many of us will settle the summons, get back our car and [...]

Setelah Hujan Di Anjung Senja

Saya suka ambil gambar setelah hujan, terutama di sebelah malam. Terdapat kesan dramatik pada gambar yang diambil di waktu malam, terutamanya jika diambil di tempat-tempat yang sesuai. Cuma, saya akui dari segi kawalan cahaya, gambar ini boleh diperbaiki lagi.  Jika anda tertanya-tanya di manakah gambar [...]

The Green-Eyed Monster

Remember "The Fox And The Grapes" one of Aesop's fables, the story of a hungry fox trying to reach some grapes hanging high on the vine but was unable to,  in spite of jumping with all his strength. As he went away the fox remarked [...]