Paddy McNair

I like this boy a lot. For a 19 year-old with little Premier League experience, he has shown plenty of maturity in his game and outshines Manchester United‘s other defenders. It must be noted that McNair had to step up during difficult times at Old Trafford. The Red Devils are still recovering from the shocking 2013-2014 season where they finished 7th and now Louis Van Gaal and his men are enduring a stuttering start for the new season with the team currently 13 points adrift from the league leader, Chelsea. The pressure is on the manager and his players.

For a huge club like Manchester United, failure is not tolerable.

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How To Play Minecraft?

There are numerous ways on how to play Minecraft depending on your definition on “How to play Minecraft” since many just play Minecraft without the official game instructions. Those who knows the basic controls of Minecraft may find my tips a bit useful. Before I played Minecraft, my friend has allowed me to try his game and that’s where I found out more. Then, I bought only one instruction of Minecraft of combat and had a great time studying it.

In my experience, if you want to know how to play Minecraft, then read well.

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Elak Obesiti: Jom Kurus Badan

Kebanyakan kita merasa teruja apabila melihat bayi comel yang berisi, gemuk atau gebu. Tak ramai yang prefer kurus badan. Namun begitu, ibubapa kepada kanak-kanak yang gemuk haruslah berwaspada kerana menurut kajian, bayi yang kekal gemuk di zaman kanak-kanak berisiko tinggi untuk mengalami masalah berat badan berlebihan apabila dewasa kelak. Ibubapa dan ahli keluarga yang melihatnya setiap hari pula biasanya tidak menyedari kegemukan anak tersebut dan menganggapnya sekadar tegap atau besar sahaja.

Hakikatnya, 42 juta kanak-kanak pra-sekolah diklasifikasi sebagai terlebih berat/gemuk pada 2013 oleh WHO.

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Minecraft Game

Those who have not played it surely do not know this magnificent well-developed artistic game of creativity. Minecraft is a place where most of our ideas can be put to the test although it is not a game of realism but it is fun to those who wants to remake their own world, city, universe, etc. The game was created in 2009 (I think) by a man name Markus “Notch” Persson. This game then got very famous after the year 2010 (if I remember my readings). As soon as it did, the game itself has been played by many so far (including myself, obviously that’s why I’m writing an article about the game). The game is now owned by Microsoft, who purchased Notch’s company, Mohjang last September.

Minecraft PE(Pocket Edition) is a bit like Minecraft, only this is usually a version of Minecraft game where you don’t get the full content such as the Nether or the Ender realm.

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