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Please Not Liverpool


The last thing Manchester United fans want in their worst season in more than 20 years is to see Liverpool winning the Premier League. However, it seems that such predicament is inevitable, especially after The Reds narrowly defeated Manchester City in last night’s match, which is billed by many as the ‘title decider‘. Liverpool still need to beat Chelsea though but the mood at Anfield is now being super-charged knowing that destiny is within their grasp now. Win all their remaining matches and the Premier League will return to Anfield for the first time in 24 years! I’m pretty sure thousands of WhatsApp massages will then flood into my iPhone by title-hunger Liverpool fans that day. I still hope it will not be Liverpool. Please let it be Chelsea or Manchester City, even though my ‘feelings‘ for City is just as strong as for Liverpool… :D [click to continue…]

What is Climate Change?


WWF (World Wildlife Fund) explains Climate Change as follows:

Global warming – doesn’t mean we’ll all just have warmer weather in future. As the planet heats, climate patterns change. It’ll mean more extreme and unpredictable weather across the world – many places will be hotter, some wetter, others drier. We know the planet has warmed by an average of nearly 1°C in the past century. That might not sound much, but on a global scale it’s a huge increase and it’s creating big problems for people and wildlife. [click to continue…]

If I’m Glazer, I’ll Give David Moyes Another Two Years At Least


Manchester United has been performing so badly this season (by its own very high standard), that there’s no way a repeat of such situation will occur next season. Surely, things can’t get worse than this, right? With so many quality players that United still have and a massive budgets on-standby to strengthen the team, mark my words, David Moyes will do better next season. I hope he has learned a lot from his first year at Old Trafford and go on to become a great manager for my beloved Manchester United. [click to continue…]

Akuarium Ikan Emas Di Wad Pediatric Hospital Queen Di Likas


Dalam entri “Hybrid Grouper & Co At The Marine Aquarium & Museum UMS“, ada saya sebutkan betapa kanak-kanak sukakan ikan. Dalam kunjungan kami di Akuarium dan Muzium UMS, saya boleh melihat betapa terujanya anak-anak saya melihat ikan-ikan dan hidupan laut dalam akuarium-akuarium di sana. Oleh itu, saya rasa gembira melihat sebuah akuarium diletakkan di Wad Pediatric Hospital Queen Di Likas bagi anak-anak yang terpaksa tinggal di sana. Anak buah saya yang baru berusia 3 tahun yang di tahan di wad tersebut, tidak habis-habis menyebut ‘’ dan mengajak saya melihat akuarium tersebut berkali-kali. Wah! itu hiburan untuknya semasa berada di sana. Alhamdullilah, dia pulih sekarang dan sudah keluar dari wad tersebut. Namun, untuk tatapan anda semua hari, jom kita lihat ikan-ikan emas di akuarium tersebut. [click to continue…]

Hybrid Grouper & Co At The Marine Aquarium & Museum UMS


Kids love fish, don’t they? Well, we don’t have Aquaria KLCC here in Kota Kinabalu or something like that. There was a plan to build an oceanarium at 1Borneo but it never materialised. Still, if you want to bring your kids to see fish and other sea creatures, you can visit Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) campus and check out their Marine Aquarium & Museum. The place is very small compared to Aquaria but should be good enough to enjoy with your kids and have fun looking at aquariums, fish, sea urchins, whiprays and other marine life. It houses over 60 species of corals from 9 families and on display are 8 newly identified species collected during Expedition around Sabah waters. [click to continue…]