Edge of Tomorrow

Movie Review: Edge of Tomorrow

I hesitated watching ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ because I was told that Tom Cruise character was sort of caught in a time loop and I was instantly reminded of his previous movie, ‘Oblivion’ (where he was cloned [...]

The Bucket List

Bucket List Ideas: Travel And Adventure Tips

Bucket List is defined as : A list of things to do before you die. Comes from the term "kicked the bucket".” – Urban Dictionary. So, do you have a bucket list – things that you [...]


Soccer Sale – 45% Off New Hosting @ Hostgator

The World Cup season is the best time to blog about soccer (as they call it in US). Instead of arguing with your friends at the coffee shop about who is going to win what game [...]

Ambuyat Grace Point

Ambuyat @ Grace Point, Kota Kinabalu

Rumbia tree has multiple uses : the leaves can be woven into roofs; the branch can be used to build fences, walls, as a torch, etc; the skin of the branch can be woven into basket [...]

World Cup 2014

Four Teams That Could Win The World Cup 2014

Now that we have seen all the teams play in this year’s World Cup, we probably have some clue on where the trophy might end up post July 13. As always there are a few upsets [...]

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