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Andrew Henderson – World Freestyle Football Champion


Andrew Henderson is the reigning World Freestyle Football Champion and the UK`s freestyle champion for four years running. He grew up in Cornwall, UK, with an incredible passion for football which has evolved and developed into his involvement in one of the most exciting and energetic sub-cultures of football which attracts millions of viewers all over the world. His career in Freestyle Football began about four years ago after he broke his legs. The 22-year-old then started doing freestyle tricks to aid his recovery and now practises for five hours per day, five days a week. [click to continue…]

Cochineal – Have You Been Served With Bugs In Your Food?


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How many of us would eat a bug – fried, toasted, grilled, etc, with pleasure?

With all due respect to readers who do enjoy such delicacies, I bet most of us would not even be willing to touch, let alone consume, a bug.  However, it seems that, we most probably have been consuming those bugs unknowingly since forever.

Ever heard of ‘cochineal’?  If you’ve ever made jelly (agar-agar), you may have read the word ‘cochineal’ on the label of the red food colouring.  Google for ‘Cochineal’ and you’ll find this info: [click to continue…]

Fergie’s Fledglings – The Class Of 92 (Trailer)


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Manchester United fans will be counting down the days to the release of the new film immortalising Manchester United’s famous ‘class of 92.’ The feature-length documentary is about the great Manchester United generation of Scholes, Ryan Giggs, David Beckham, Nicky Butt and the Neville brothers, Gary and Phil, and is to be released next month. The film covers the seven years from 1992, when five of the group won the FA Youth Cup together (including Giggs, already a first-team player by then) and culminates seven years later with the Champions League triumph of 1999 that completed the famous Treble. [click to continue…]

Why Did You Have To Kill My Wife?


“I WANT to look him in the eye and ask him: why did you have to kill my wife?” These were the anguished words of Irwan Kamaruddin, whose wife, Norazita Abu Talib, 37, was shot dead by a security guard during a robbery at the AmBank branch in USJ Sentral, on Oct 24.

Irwan, 37, was informed of the arrest by a friend, who saw Facebook postings on the case yesterday. The father of two called the police, who confirmed that his wife’s alleged killer had been caught. Irwan said he had almost lost hope that the man would be nabbed, as it had been more than 16 days. [click to continue…]

Manchester United Rules Over Arsenal Yet Again!


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Sir Alex Ferguson used to love playing against Arsenal. In the last 13 games between the two teams, Manchester United has won 10 of them including the 8 -  2 demolition at Old Trafford in 2011. In his autobiography (which David Moyes took with him to Spain in midweek) he even describes how to beat the Gunners: [click to continue…]