Delicious Variations to Starbucks Drinks

I am not a fussy coffee drinker.  You could serve me with Nescafe, and I would still drink it with appreciation.  But my usual cuppa is Starbucks’ Americano, because I like their House Blend and welcome the peaceful atmosphere and the courteousness of the Barista.  The usual Starbucks Tall Americano is served with 2 shots of espresso. My favourite Starbucks coffee is simply Americano, Tall, 4 shots.  Without sugar and cream – what a kick!

Of course there are many other coffee, chocolate, tea, etc, drinks on the Menu, to delight almost everyone.  However, do you know that there are many ways to be creative with your favourite drinks at Starbucks, without strictly adhering to the Menu?

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Infografik: Cara Kira OT

Ramai pembaca yang bertanyakan tentang cara pengiraan OT (Over Time). Biarpun perkara ini telah saya terangkan dengan panjang lebar dalam artikel: Masa Kerja Dan Kerja Lebih Masa, namun ramai kurang faham. Mungkin silap saya. Penerangan yang terlalu berbentuk “ilmiah“. Mungkin lebih baik jika saya permudahkan dalam bentuk infografik.

Pertamanya, perlu diingat kiraan OT ini adalah bagi mereka yang dilindungi oleh Akta Kerja 1955. Dalam kata lain, yang bergaji RM 2,000 dan ke bawah.

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Hercules (2014)

I believe there is a dearth of epic mythology movies these past few years.  Producers are reluctant to take up such movies because of the dismal performance at the box office, which may have been caused by a lack of inspiring storyline.  Other factor that may have contributed to the drop at the box office for such movies is the higher quality of fantasy/action/epic mini-series on HBO such as Spartacus and Games of Thrones that have, consequently, affected audience’ expectations.

The audience are now more discerning and demanding – impressive CGI with a weak storyline just doesn’t cut it.

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Poslaju Malaysia and Cupcakes

I like the Poslaju man who delivers at my mom-in-law’s area. He is very courteous and smart at using his discretion according to the circumstances. Take our case for example. My mom-in-law’s mobility is currently limited due to a recent fibula fracture. He understands her inability to come to the door and he doesn’t insist for her to come to the door to receive the parcel and sign the acknowledgment slip. As soon as the main automatic gate opens, he drives in, writes down her name and signs it himself.

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