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Malaysian Football Needs to Move-on in Order to Improve


Sportsbook review tends to present a clear picture of almost every sport to the hard-core fans, gambling fanatics and the casual game lovers, as well. As per one of the recent editions, a sportsbook review at shows Malaysia slipping in SE football rankings. The Malaysian Tigers, under the leadership of Datuk K. Rajagopal, did not put a good show in the past couple of tournaments. His roles and responsibilities for the national team have always been criticised and now, this criticism seems to be coming to an end with the new amendments made by the FAM (Football Association of Malaysia) regarding the non-renewal of the contract of the team’s current coach. [click to continue…]

I Bet Fergie Would Have Done It Differently


Someone posted the picture (below) on my Twitter timeline on the 80th minute of Manchester United-Chelsea match this morning (Malaysia time). I guess, like many other football fans around the world, he was probably merely expressing his disappointment that the match failed to live up to its pre-match hype and the reluctance of both managers to go for broke toward the end of the match did not help the situation either.

Well, I had a feeling from the start that I was probably going to regret waking up as early as 3.00am in the morning to watch my beloved Man Utd play against Jose Maurinho’s Chelsea. Knowing Jose very well, I’m aware that he was probably going to be satisfied with not conceding defeat at Old Trafford rather than looking for a win itself. He left out Demba Ba from the squad and his other strikers, Torres and Lukaku, only made it to the bench. German’s winger, Schurrle started in the ‘false nine’ position and Frank Lampard were preferred over skilful Juan Mata. [click to continue…]

More Than Teachers and Educators


About 7 years ago, when my eldest son was in Primary 1, we were so ignorant about ADHD, Asperger, speech disorder and Autism Spectrum.  We still are, frankly speaking, and new developments keep popping up from various parties that it’s very difficult to keep up with.  If it were not for the complaints from the teachers and the Headmistress, we would probably have accepted his behaviour and conditions as something that will disappear as he gets older. [click to continue…]

I’m On FoxSports


For a blogger, there is no bigger reward or satisfaction that can be achieved other than being recognised for his/her writing. While writing itself is a passion, getting recognised is an achievement that will help to gauge how much a blogger has evolved in a certain period of time. Therefore, I’m very thankful to for recognising my work in this blog and given me a chance to feature in their website. Those who haven’t read my interview with can check it out HERE. Do read the interview and feel free to leave comments and suggestions. [click to continue…]

New Boss, Same Result…


All good things must come to an end“. For many football followers, Manchester United’s domination of the English football will come to an abrupt end when Sir Alex Ferguson step down from the management role and leave it with a big shoe to fill in. Well, that dreaded moment for the Red Devil fans had finally came when the great Scott called his time at Old Trafford at the end of last season. So is this the end of an era?

I know that the Barclay English Premier League 2013-2014 season has just started where teams had each played one game. However, I believe Manchester United fans all over the world can look forward to another fruitful season with a sense of optimism after two convincing wins (including the Community Shield game against Wigan) in a row and the form of several key players, especially the ‘extraordinary‘ Robin Van Persie. [click to continue…]