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Online Shopping at Zalora Malaysia

I made an online purchase at Zalora Malaysia on Monday afternoon and walla, it arrived yesterday, Wednesday morning, barely 46 hours after I made payment!   Although during checkout it was mentioned that delivery will take between 3-5 days, it really impressed me. Definitely no hassle, [...]

Whiplash – Intense and Profoundly Satisfying

‘Whiplash’ hit me straight to the core. I will never again think of a pianist, or any other musician for that matter, as superior than a drummer. I will never enjoy another jazz music without reflecting on the heartache, hard work and crazy practice and [...]

HR: Masalah Datang Lambat Ke Tempat Kerja

Ramai pembaca blog ini terdiri dari mereka yang berminat dengan hal-hal berkaitan pengurusan sumber manusia dan undang-undang buruh. Antara soalan yang kerap menjadi bahan pertanyaan adalah berkenaan masalah datang lambat ke tempat kerja. Isu ini menjadi pertanyaan bukan sahaja oleh pekerja-pekerja, malahan majikan dan pengamal [...]

The World’s 10 Richest People, Seven Are Americans

Just finished reading an article on Forbes. The magazine listed out the World's 10 Richest People. NO Malaysian on the list. Not even Ananda Krishnan. Nonetheless, it is a good read - one that brings hope that one day you will stumble onto a genie [...]