SANDAKAN, The Nature City of Malaysia: Land of Diversity and Conservation

Christopher Buddle, wrote that :

Naturalists are curious, observant, and passionate about the world around them, with a particular fascination for nature. Naturalists often document what they see, enjoy sharing their knowledge, and are motivated to continually expand their knowledge.

And he also stated that:

Many naturalists have no formal training in biology, and don’t have advanced degrees. They may have binoculars, probably have paper and pen, and they have an ability to observe carefully and critically and feel joy and appreciation about what they are observing. They are the elderly, they are children. My eldest son (when he was about 5 years old) collected, pinned and labelled some insects from our neighbourhood, and I consider that to be an activity of a naturalist.

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Last Hours : The 6th Mass Extinction

Do you know that the world is on the verge of entering its 6th Mass Extinction – a fate similar to the one that fell on the dinosaurs?  I certainly didn’t, until I saw this video, “Last Hours”.  It’s brilliantly produced and should be watched by everyone – young and old.  It’s the least that we can do – understanding what’s happening to this earth, before we can do something to heal mother earth. We may think it’s being over-dramatic, but so is safety belts, helmets, etc.  Even optimists accepts the importance of being careful and taking preventative measures.  In this dire times of constant natural disasters, we really have no choice but to be over-dramatic. Continue reading…


Nasi Lemak Klasik Sugar Bun Metro Town

Blogger ini memang suka makan nasi lemak. Pernah guna nasi lemak sebagai banner blog satu ketika dahulu. Cuma memandangkan nasi lemak ini amat tinggi kalori dan kurang baik untuk kesihatan, maka ia terpaksa dikurangkan permakanannya. Namun, untuk pagi ini, kita cuba pula makan Nasi Lemak di restoren Sugar Bun. Kedai ini pun sudah lama tidak saya lawati memandangkan terlalu banyak opsyen kedai makan di Kota Kinabalu ini. Rasanya, masih banyak kedai makan yang saya belum cuba.

Tapi untuk, ‘breakfast‘ atau sarapan pagi hari ini, saya ke Bandar Metro (Metro Town) yang terletak di jalan Lintas untuk menjamah nasi lemak di sana. Jom..

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HostGator Web Hosting: Tax Day Sale 2014

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