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How Can We Be Non-Partisan?

I was at my son’s school this morning when several PKR campaigners tried to approach me with their pamphlets and brochures. I managed to escape them by driving fast and displaying BN’s pamphlet on my car dashboard. No hard feelings, please, and no disrespect to them too. The thing is, my mind is already made up on whom I would vote for in the coming election. [click to continue…]

Ini (Sudah 20) Kali Lah…


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Bagai Sirih Pulang Ke Gagang‘. The English Premier League trophy returned to Old Trafford after spending a season (on loan :D ) at Etihad Stadium. Hattrick by Robin Van Persie helped United to a comfortable 3 – 0 win over Aston Villa and opened up an unassailable 16 points lead over second placed, Manchester City with only four games left. Today’s victory means Manchester United has won the top-tier English League for a record 20th time. Now, Sir Alex Ferguson is urging his players to continue their winning form and write their names into history by finishing the season with a record total points. The trophy however, will be presented to the Red Devils next month, on May 12 when they take on Swansea at Old Trafford. [click to continue…]

Removing Dead CommentLuv Links & LEGO PC

It took me about two weeks to finally run the CommentLuv Link Cleaner Plugin in this blog. The delay is unavoidable as I was quite occupied over the last two weeks and wasn’t online much of the time. Now that I have some time, I can focus again on my blog and hope to post at least an article a day. Nonetheless, removing the dead commentluv links in this blog is also a high priority and I’m very glad that I managed to complete the task today. [click to continue…]

SEX AND VIDEO TAPE: Is Mat Sabu Smarter Than Tun Dr Mahathir?

I don’t need to be a soothsayer nor do I need a crystal ball to see this coming. Even when I was a young kid, I did think about the day when someone will create a small camera that can be hidden and many people will be caught with their pants down. While I hate gutter politics and the fact that these cameras violate one’s privacy, I believe it does help people to see that many things that happened today are more than meet the eye. [click to continue…]