Yoga mat

ADA : From The Yoga Mat Into Your Mouth

Azodicarbonamide or ADA, is an industrial chemical mixed into polymer plastic gel to generate tiny gas bubbles, something like champagne for plastics, resulting in materials that are strong, light, spongy and malleable.  Among other things, it [...]

Pellegrini Loves The Pressure Of Managing Manchester United?

Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini was left red-faced after another embarrassing gaffe at Sunday's Capital One Cup final. Flushed with success after picking up his first trophy as City manager, the man nicknamed 'The Engineer', got [...]


Royals: A Grammy Awards Winner And Azan

I was driving in my car when the deejay decided to play ‘Royals’ on the radio. There’s something about that song that really attracted my 5 year-old boy to it. He asked me for the title [...]

Contest: Win A Brazil Football Jersey

Want to win a free Brazil jersey by Nike? Yes, the original Brazil jersey like the ones worn by Neymar, Oscar, Fernandinho and others.  All you have to do is to write in to and [...]

14th floor parking

Kalau Aku Kaya: Parking At 14th Floor Luxury Apartment

In their hit song 'Kalau Aku Kaya', Altimet and Awi Rafael had spelled out several ways to spend money if you are KAYA (rich): “Kalau aku kaya, Hari-hari Hari Raya, Bil-bil jiran keluarga, Aku belanja selamba, Kalau [...]