Malaysian Super League Champion 2014

It’s the final countdown. Malaysian Super League 2014 will have its champion tomorrow and there are only two teams left to battle for the biggest prize in Malaysian football. Who will you pick? Will it be the Red Giants? Or do you think the trophy will head south again, this time to Johor. I will reserve my prediction till the end of the article, so let us examine the two teams that will be fighting for Malaysian Super League title 2014. Continue Reading »

World Cup 2014 Top Scorer

Before we talk about World Cup 2014 Top Scorer: Someone tweeted the other day that this is probably the best World Cup ever. I felt compelled to re-tweet since I’m agreeing with that fellow. There were so many dramas, end-to-end actions and of course goals galore that keep football fans like me awake in the middle of the night till dawn. It is sad to see that some of the world’s finest such Wayne Rooney and Xavi Hernandez will be heading home very soon. However, with the way the football is being played in Brazil at the moment, you bet no one will ever miss them. Except of course, the English and Spanish fans. Continue Reading »